Wtb recirculating heater chiller for 5l rotovap and 2l spd

Looking to score a capable recirculating heater/chiller combo for my 5l rotovap and my 2l spd. My current recirculating heater/chiller cant keepnup with my rotovap needs.

What do ya have?

New or used is fine. If used, please stand behind the item you sell!

Browen/lanphan (sp)…yes I KNOW you sell this stuff, as does everyone on here.


Maybe have 2 diff units? Rotovap needs lots of btu. SPD condenser doesnt


Making a glycol chiller for a rotovap using a window AC is pretty easy


I was reading that thread the other day.

rotovap and spd need different vacuum pump.
Rotovap needs she-diii
2L spd needs 2xz-1L ( rotary vane vacuum pump)

More question, u could dm

Here’s a 1.5hp chiller you could offer maybe 7 or 800 see if he bites…


I used a keg beer chiller second hand only Goes down to -5C but iT only cost me 170$ and iT has a 54liter reservoir

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SPD needs a hot bath No cooling necesary


This is for my 5l rotovap.

I only have a new chiller for 20L rotarvap in stock in CA. 5L is very small, i dont usually stock them.

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So apparently my current vmr recirculating heater chiller (chiller part) isnt working properly.

So on the hunt to get it repaired or just score a new chiller/heater. This will be for dual use, 5l rotovap and my 2l spd.

Anyone have a line on a repair shop in the metro Detroit area, or a used rec heater/chiller for sale that works w/o ahh issues

This battle station is fully operational and tested now- took it down to -25c.

Total cost to build was about $700


You can build a perfectly capable chiller for that setup for less than $500 - check my thread and then google “diy glycol chiller” you’ll find tons of stuff on homebrew forums and on YouTube. Try to find an AC that doesn’t require you to cut all the way down to the bottom of your tank like mine cause I had to spend so much time and money on sealing it up it was not fun. I tried Jen weld, magnum epoxy, silicone, flex tape flex seal flex shot, plumbers epoxy,… it was the great stuff foam that really fixed it tho… if you can engineer it to not do what I had to do you’ll have a great time.

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I’ve seen and read the thread. Im running out of available space for any more equipment. That’s the reason why I bought my current recirculating heater/chiller. The heater part work great for my spd, just need the chiller part to work correctly.

I made a call to my hvac buddy. Hopefully just needs a recharge and no leaks

Does it do both at once?

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You might be able to find a comparable compressor to swap in if it’s bad

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Recirculating chiller and heater all in one.