WTB: [FOUND!] Small perforated basket centrifuge. preferably jacketed. ~15lb biomass loading

Once upon a time, there was centrifuge we named Cindy, named because on our first product demo, one of her shiny stainless slippers came unbolted.

Here’s the promo shot we got at her MJBizcon debut in Vegas.


This is how I last saw her (scullery maid chic).

I don’t have said shiny slipper, but I’m trying to locate the fuge. I imagine it’s in a warehouse doing nothing.

Rumor has it she was processing hemp for DNDN farms in Albany for a while. Their license has expired and I haven’t gotten responses to text or email from the contacts I’ve located online.

anyone seen her?

Or any 10-15lb capacity fuge with this style rotor



…but I do have the skates I built to move her (and her bigger sisters) around.


…well then…

managed to get the owner on the phone. they no longer have a hemp license, so I know they’re not using it, but unless I want ALL their gear they’re not interested in selling it (at least not at the price I felt comfortable offering).

@Koray_Bella what you got in the 10-20lb biomass range?

anyone else have a fuge they’ve outgrown?
ideally in Oregon or at least on the west coast?

Hi.Our centrifuge PSZ350 takes 30-35 minutes to work one time, and the dehydration rate is close to 95%. Each time can handle 15-18lb biomass, about 30-36lb biomass per hour. It’s very easy to process 240-300lb biomass in a day is easy.

How easy is it though

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Very very easy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Can you match the style of rotor shown?


Pls check the photo of our rotor

I did. In your first response.

That was why I explicitly asked if you could provide the style shown.

While I could make do with the style you’re offering, it is NOT what I’m looking for.

Thank you.


Bump. @Koray_Bella doesnt seem able/want to solve the problem.

@ANNA13849063065 has gotten me a fairly attractive quote in the bosses inbox, but of course the machine is still in China.

Anyone got one in the USA they want to sell, or gift to a good home?


I know the fuge I’m looking for is sitting in a warehouse in OR somewhere…what I don’t know is how to contact the owner.

Found it.

She’s a screamer…

Had to brute force the controller: Password override Z2000 VFD?

…and perform a couple of other upgrades.

Spinning at 2200rpm.

Which should have me in the vicinity of 1000G.



Damn she’s pretty quiet and fast

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3x the speed it was doing when it landed.

New bearings to support that, new pulleys and belts to facilitate, & brute forced password to enable.


Happy with the results.

Will probably build it some legs, now that it’s demonstrated the willingness to play…


Great work brother

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Given her speed, the next trick should probably involve the concepts discussed over here: PLC guidance. Adding a vibration sensor to a CUP 15


Doesn’t immediately solve the problem, but is not a horrible starting point

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Nominal 340mm (inner) basket diameter.
Nominal 1580 rpm 50Hz motor, running at 72Hz.
Pulleys are identical.

1rev == 340mm x 3.14159 ~ 1.068meters

1580rpm x 72Hz /50Hz = 2275.2 rpm

=> 1.068m x 2275.2 rpm = 2430m/min

=> 2430m/min / 60sec/min = 40.5m/sec

Do I turn it down a smidge to hit 39.33952 m/sec?

Or turn it up to hit 42m/sec?