WTB cheapest source for CCELLS?


authentic ones, the chinese clones just havent been getting it right.

any cheaper sources for TH210 and TH205 other than Hamilton devices?


We should start a group buy for some of these things we all use. We can start buying this in bulk and break it down. There are sooo many similarities in our buying. We should start using our buying power as a team and get some discounts!


Indeed it’s easy enough to setup group buys


I’d be down! I really need to do some testing and find a cart right for me. I actually wanted to see if anyone here had single samples from purchases they would sell as a sample
Kit to try different carts.


Having talked directly with CCELL, they wont sell you cartridges direct unless you’re literally ordering millions of cartridges a month. They will always point you towards the appropriate distributor for your area. Obviously the more you buy from the distributor, the cheaper it will get, but it will be literally 10’s of thousands for small margins.

Source: One of my side businesses in selling cartridges (not CCELLs).


So what’s up. What do you got bro. Don’t hold out now? Lol.


Basically knocked off Ccells and other models. Really depends on what you’re putting in their and your level of cut for what you want. The ohm selection is all over to place, so the power of device requirements varies as well. Not to mention opening hole size and how many. A lot of factors at play and I always suggest getting samples of the cartridges you’re potentially going to buy. Also, always ask about failure rates. CCELL’s will never be beat in failure rate because it’s 1 in 500 and they invested millions into the QA side to test every cartridge before it leaves the factory.

E: Also, tariffs suck. It has really cut the margins substantially. Don’t be surprised if all your cartridges go up across the board.


Best value vacs has .5 ml ccells on amazon for $1.84


and amazon and BVV will take back anything if its bad. LOL


I only buy 100 at a time, and I asked Hamilton devices if they would price match, but no response.


i dont want more than that and would prefer less. I strictly do this for head stash! im certainly willing to buy 100 if i know they are good and will last.


they look identical to Hamilton’s. I’ll be getting mine in a cpl days. Wish they had 1 ml boys


Every person I give a ccell with live resin comments on how good they are. They usually say it’s the best they’ve had by far.


I just went for a 100 pack of press-fit .5 from Hamilton’s sick of these fucking leaky shiti Chinese clones


From what I’ve seen they do on the outside but when you dissect them and look at the internals the Chinese clones are different


The amazon ones?


No sorry I should have been more detailed with my response I have not dissected the Amazon see cells


Got 100 here as well from them. Will report how they work when I get em filled, was in the same boat with leaky carts from China. If you do the math it works out. I was having failure rates as high as 1/20 with ccell knockoffs. It’s worth the extra $1.25 for legit CCELL imo.


I have like 20 leftover 18k gold ccells if u wanna trade something :joy:


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