WTB cheapest source for CCELLS?


Those are not sold by BVV and I am sure if they found out about the scam they would not be too happy as BVV does not even sell CCell. If you read the description they do not state they are Ccell even though the title states that. I would guess they are generic or they would go out of their way to state that they were the real deal.


They do appear to be the same China clones found elsewhere.


Yeah I see that. I just returned mine. I hate shady amazon shit like that. My bad


It’s not cause they have a choice. Amazon banned vape products like 18 months ago. Some of these listing are still on amazon so the people’s only option is to Piggyback on an old listing.

It’s not like you can start a new vape listing saying xyz ccell cartridges. Amazon will flag it and say “ this is against listing policy and remove the listing”. You will have a little dog page then

This is coming from someone who owned a super successful vape business till eBay and amazon ripped it right from under me almost overnight.

It’s painful having a warehouse full of this stuff and can’t sell it anymore after not being able to stock it. I know this oh so well!


Are they(ccell) charging extra for the lead? :grin:


Hackett agrees. The best vape carts—so-called “CCELLs”—may pass or fail California testing requirements depending on which lab is doing the testing, and the methods the lab uses.

“The lab has to be very careful to make sure they’re not actually contaminating the concentrate with lead,” says Wurzer.

CCELL carts that are failing test at 0.6 or 0.7 ppm lead, Hackett said. That’s legal in Washington state, but not in California. The ones that are passing often do so barely—at 0.3 or 0.4 ppm lead. Hackett said even if a CCELL tests at 0.6 ppm, it doesn’t necessarily mean the carts have 0.6 ppm lead, due to the issue of variable test results from differing lab testing procedures.

CCELLs are the best carts China makes, Hackett says. Cheaper cartridges might have more lead, because more lead makes metal more moldable, thus shaving pennies off a cart’s production price per unit. At scale, that adds up to millions of dollars.


I’ll be needing 15,000+ 1ml CCells a month starting in March…I have an account with Jupiter as well…if anyone else needs 10K or more a month we should combine orders for maximum buying power


What is the discount at those quantities?


A lab company was commenting on that post that most of the positive results from lead we’re caused by poor testing procedures. I believethe lab was cannasafe?


Also only .5% tested didn’t pass for lead, but why is there lead in vape carts anyway?



yep… did that with me too with a bunch of vape batteries and tanks.


Less than $2 per piece. Jupiter CCells are pricey but ]worth it to never have a customer complain or return the product


Before xmas I ordered some stuff prime and as soon as it was about 4 days late they gave me a refund and let me keep the stuff. It has its place you just can’t go crazy

For ccell carts (knockoffs) we get them from alibaba for around $.70 cents each. We went through 4 or 5 suppliers until we found one with consistently good carts. Now we just use them and order in advance


Who exactly do you use for the c cell knock off’s? If you don’t mind. And do you use the press fit ones?


I’m down


did you say who it was? i’m looking for a good source for less than a buck.


oh yea, press on or screw on? i prefer screw on metal tip, are these metal or ceramic?


I had nothing but bad luck buying from alibaba… some had failure rates as high as 1/16. Lost a good bit of money there, and realized that paying for the real CCELL is worth it.


Killa whats up with your warehouse full of ccells i need some asap if u got them