WTB: CBDa and CBGa

For export into EU. Must be non-detect THC, preference for closest to 99% as possible but also interested in 80%+ dist.

Please DM COA, proof of origin info and price.


Distillation will cause decarboxylation; as such there is no such thing as cbda/cbga distillate. I know what your implying though. I assume this won’t be going into a “food supplement” due to EU novel foods?

Interested to see who has the acidics and current pricing.

Precision Plant Molecules has a large portfolio of minors. Hit my DM if you want contact information (I do not work for them).

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Check these guys out. They have some isolate, and crumble in acid form.
Our Price Sheet For Every Legal Cannabinoid Product You Can Imagine! - Hempire Building / Hemp Outlet - Future4200


Big hurdle for the EU and UK is novel foods if it’s to go into a “food supplement”. Novel foods is limiting supplier viability. The squeeze is coming for the smaller EU guys. Toxicology testing is becoming paramount. You US guys had better get to it if you want that EU market :ok_hand:

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