WTB CBD - Water Soluble Nano Isolate

Looking to buy water soluble nano CBD isolate. If you have any please let me know! Thanks!


I am looking for R and D purposes, what can you do me for just a few grams

@CBDWunder @ceebeedee

If you’re still looking for a good source for water-soluble nano CBD isolate I would be happy to send you samples of our products.

We have about 30kg of 20% CBD nano-powder from isolate currently available
We have 10% CBD powder in stock.
We have 10% CBG powder and liquid in stock
We have 3% CBG liquid in stock

We offer toll processing for our water-soluble process. We are able and willing to take in hot distillate and make it into full-spectrum water-soluble powder or liquid.

Reach out via DM for more info