Any interest in bulk purchasing a nano CBD powder? Totally clear, flavorless, odor less and shelf stable

So we’ve made a completely colorless, flavorless, odorless and Shelf stable nano cbd powder that only has natural ingredients in it ( CHECK YOUR NANO STABILIZERS THEM SHITS ARE GNARLY CHEMICALS)

And we are curious if there’s any interest in buying the powder by the kilo?

We also can offer it in a liquid base as well and sell it by the liter. The liquid has all the same properties including all natural ingredients it’s simply in a liquid.

And or buying the finished product. We can assist with and or formulate any product you desire as well.


How water soluble is it?

Completely. Especially with the minimal amount of powder required

Particle size test results?

What’s the Potency and How much a gram?

It’s 50-100mg/gram higher potency higher cost.

And particle size is 40 nano meters.

The liquid is 100-140 nano meters

Not rly looking to sell it by the gram. Looking to sell it by the kilo

Can you PM me. Need more information IE. surfacants etc.

There are no surfactants used. It’s an all natural solution. I can provide some data, but specifics are IP

hmm, sounds skeptical. anyways, what’s the total weight it takes to give a dosage of 10mg of ACTUAL CBD.