WTB: CBD and CBG distillates

After my wife went through a double mastectomy and enough chemo treatments to kill an elephant 10x over, we recently found out that the cancer had metastasized all over her bones. I immediately came home and started making various oil capsules and topicals to start helping her.
Long story short, we have had good results and I also started helping out a few other people with cancer and I just cant keep up with how I was doing things and I need to get my hands on some cheap/clean product.

I am looking to buy 1-2kg CBD distillate and 1 kg CBG distillate (depending on price).

I can find pretty cheap sources for CBD distillate, but the CBG has been harder to find cheap enough.

Any help would be appreciated, feel free to shoot me some prices, DM me COA’s etc. Thanks :pray:


No offense but you should source for the highest quality instead of cheap if it’s going to be for your wife. Cheap isn’t necessarily “clean” and clean ain’t cheap.


I would like to just press rosin from high quality CBD flower, but the amount I would need to press gets too expensive. I also cant keep up growing it at the time being, so this seemed like the best option for speed, price and cannabinoid concentration.

Been doing the same for my family
member, happy to help, share info etc. Nice work helping others too!


How did it go with your sister and others? And what were you using to help them?

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Can you give an update on how it went?

Sorry to hear about the cancer, Happy to see that Cbd and CBG have had good results.! Nice awesome that you are spreading the love and sharing it with more people!
I’ve heard great feedback from several people that I’ve been sharing this medicine with it’s amazing

I’ve been using this stuff and eating it straight out of the jar. It’s pretty much tasteless. Perfect for blending into anything you would normally typically use day-to-day. At this point, I just use it straight.
I honestly don’t know of a higher quality better priced material that exist.

You mention cost and access being issues in the past not sure if that’s still the case. But I’d love for you to be able to get some of this while we still have some available.
Been doing this beautiful material for a fraction of what you normally would pay I think it’s probably worth $999 per liter and I’m only selling it for $99 per 5 L MOQ liter right now we are clearing off our shelves. Unfortunately we will not be making any more. But I’d love to see you be able to share this medicine with your loved ones. If 5 L is too much don’t let that be a deterrent. I definitely work with you to make sure you can get this medicine to your family and friends.

Any feedback from people with cancer?

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Use octavelabs probably be the lowest price


Thank you I appreciate tha referral t, I would add not only are we the lowest price, also fantastic quality!

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Can vouch for Octave as well. Been enjoying the cbd/cbg blend for myself, and for my pup.


Ahh love it, that’s beautiful, definitely had several pet owners and their pets report.great results.


Happy to help, share into etc. and nice work helping other too until I come in and ask you how did it go, then it’s all about editing your post and deleting every post in your previous thread:


yes have received great feedback from cancer patients related specifically to this exact product feedback from multiple people who have experience relief using this CBDCBG blend
One individual is taking 1200 mg gummy’s they make huge gummies in an ice cube tray and they’re pretty much off all other pharmaceuticals now and are doing hundred times better

Several more having great results, and have been re-ordering more. I’ll follow up to post more updates.

Love to hear from others who are having experiences with this material or similar material

Lots of good info on here other than that.

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The thread was still up until Feb. 4 when I asked you how did it go on Feb. 4

Stop sending me private messages and say what you want on here, what do you have to hide from your audience here?

Why does he need to take your pointless argument onto a thread of someone asking for advice for help for their wife’s disease? Seems like you’re making a massive ass of yourself, just cuz he didn’t reply to you asking if cbd helps cancer? Use google, plenty of studies out on this that are gonna be much more helpful than anecdotal evidence.

They said they were happy to help, share info etc. Nice work helping others too! I just wanted to know why after I asked them a question they didn’t respond and started editing and deleting post right after I asked them on Feb. 4, what was it about ME asking them that caused all of that if they are so happy to help, share info etc. Nice work helping others too!