WTB 11 Hydroxy THC

Hey Chemists and members
I got a small brand that wants to purchase some 11 Hydroxy THC in distillate form, this brand wants to put 11 Hydroxy THC into a new vape line. Will purchase in liters. The first order would be 2-5L depending on price.
DM me or email greenstonconsulting@gmail.com if you have or know someone that can produce 11 Hydroxy THC.


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What do you think the price range would be :thinking:


Also good to note from @kcalabs , although this was August of last year, so I’m not sure where they are on this yet


That was our COA being passed around last year (and it was never 9B but misidentified). We’ve made significant progress since then.

We have 8-Hydroxy-HHC and 10-Hydroxy available in KG quantities and we are the only company in the country with a verified KCA report on our Hydroxy. Original post with links to reports below: