WTB - 100+kg CBD Isolate

Currently being offered $1100/kg for 100+kg CBD isolate.

CBD is definitely overabundant and over produced.

Just checking to see how good the pricing can get.

I am an MSO that specializes in CBD isomerization for medical and rec markets. I operate in MI, OK, CA. I usually gather all cash from my clients for a group buy and fly in with $150k-$400k for my purchases.

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I wouldn’t buy that volume at that price. I’d be more in the 800-900 range

Do you think the price will drop any more?

350 by next year I’d guess. 2 cents.


Rumor has it switzerland long term contracts are in this price range
Can not confirm

350 by December 2020 is my prediction

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Lab partner does 900-$950 depending on location and amt

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I guess there is a multitude of sellers online selling ∆8 THC Distillate with 50 state shipping. There is some conflict with regulations stating only ∆9 THC is restricted.

Any CBD labs need excess CBD isolate converted to ∆8 THC? Hemp Derived ∆8 THC!

I am also considering training in exchange for some sort of revenue sharing agreement.

I can convert CBD to
∆8/∆9 blend THC distillate
∆8 THC Distillate
CBN (value examples: 28,000-30,000 per kg, 16000/kg for monthly contractual @100kg)

These processes will surely maximize profitability during this downturn for the US Hemp Industry.

I am the science guy behind two Oklahoma brands, Straight Fire and Lucid which solely use THC created from the conversion of CBD. Our cost of production is a fraction of our competitors employing traditional methods of manufacture.

My conversion method allows for the adjustment of ∆8 and ∆9 ratios as high as 1:1

Converting CBD is where the money is at. Any large CBD labs interested give me a ring.

Telegram +19492000263
Tel- +19492000263/+17147865884
Whatsapp +19492000263
Signal +17147865884