does anyone know what solvent gives the highest yield someone told that hexane or acetone

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Acetone is likely going to give the best yield because it will pick up the most impurities as well. It has tendency to dissolve or form solution with both polar and nonpolar compounds. Hexane is pretty strictly nonpolar by nature.


If you want to compare more similar solvents, maybe we should consider the common straight-chain alkanes we know and love (propane, butane, pentane, hexane, heptane, etc.). The only major difference between them is how long that chain of carbons is (C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, respectively). Here is some really good info on the differences between them because of the added carbons (e.g. boiling point, density, etc):

(the “Melting Point” section is very fascinating to me)

I’ve definitely noticed that when comparing recrystallizations in butane vs. those in hexane, it takes significantly less hexane to initially dissolve and a chunk of THCa crashes out much faster. And it was always easier in my experience to mess up by diluting with too much with hexane as the solvent rather than with butane.


Most of the compounds you are going after - as well as some of the ones you are not - are pretty nonpolar (cannabinoids, terpenes, fats)


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would you suggest acetone or etho

I been using ethol works pretty good but if you can get something better why not

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personally ethanol for extraction, acetone for cleaning purposes

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Help me out, cleaning as washing or cleaning as recrystallize? Or winterizing?

Also I’m a blaster, but I’m playing with winterization and such with my funnel if i ever can get the damn filter to seat better but I’ve been seeing a lot with ethol washing for concentrate… What kind of purity are y’all getting and does it still taste good, do ppl do love ethol? Thanks buddy

Acetone would be best for cleaning residues off of equipment. Both ethanol and acetone can be used for dewaxing and other refining processes. To my knowledge because they will both do the job, the “better” solvent for refining crude is dependant on availability and preference of the operator.

Take a look at the thread about acetone crystallisation of THCA I believe it briefly covers dewaxing in acetone.

There is another thread somewhere with a massive discussion about use of ethanol as a refining solvent. From memory the conclusion was that azeotropic ethanol was far superior to pure ethanol in refining due to the selective dissolution properties of fatty molecules.

Still having issues with the filter paper? What is your vaccum source?

which one of both solvents is better for extraction feom your experience

Does the a. Ethanol mean 95%? if so i got lucky!

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I think I got it figured out today, I sanded down the imperfections in the funnel with 120 sanding blocks, then cleaned throughly… After I still was having trouble…I was trying to cut the paper the exact size of the funnel…

Think I found out that just barely cover the circles on the Chinese ones… It’s convex on theThe bottom of the funnel don’t know if that’s normal but being just bigger than the holes made a world difference, I got seated finally!.. And I have no regulator on my water source so I needed to cut it way down, in this case more was not better, it collapse the line pretty quick, then I dialed her back and got her flowing perfectly by wash 2… There was barely anything, hardly any Wax got in first pass, and second pass I think just cleared out any thing from me doing it with to much pressure the first time. It’s completely clear… Should I stick back in freezer again or move on…I do partial dewax with temps

Shouldn’t have any bumps, it sounds like your alteration worked. Ever heard of coors? They make top-o-the-line Lab ceramics.

O there was 4 bumps and I cracked it in the process but I got done just in time…wheww… But thank you so much, this one will be much much better I’m sure… Would you suggest a certain size cm paper, bc I’m ordering that exact one

Ask the seller the diameter, that’s your best bet. Be sure to clean it with alconox, it’s used after all. You should be very satisfyed with this funnel.

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Yeah was definitely that cheap Chinese garbage bc I had the same diameter and even after sanding wouldn’t fit

Is this what I need to cold boil my winterized solution, will it collect in this, then when full I empty… And I put it in dry ice?

What piece of equipment are you talking about?
We use rotery evaportaors to remove etoh from resin. You could perform a vacuum distillation, it’s slower but effective for small scale.

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Ahh a cold trap, yep to protect your pump from vapor. If your using it as a primary condenser you may want a larger one.
You can add a flask to this one, plus it eliminates the need for a dewar.