Winterizing.. yeah


That’s exactly what I was thinking. Your reduced flow is causing your material to get super saturated hence a bit harder to remove.

I top feed and try to move literally as fast as I can threw my material. Yes. I lose 1-3% on average but my quality is usually top shelf without the need to inline dewax or any further filtering or processing.


My setup is basically like yours, minus the dewax chamber. I use 3/8 lines as well and the cmep recovery pump. I just dug mine out of storage, ill have to take a better look at things once i get setup.


Thats also my preferred method if not just making crude. Fast and cold. It made a big improvement in quality once i quit soaking. Eventually i stopped even closing the ball balve to the collection pot at all and just ran it as cold and as fast as possible.


I run my crude and fire oil the exact same. I’m a creature of habit. My muscle memory just has the process dialed in. I don’t change it for any type of concentrate so in the back of my mind. I did everything in my power to make the best outcome. If the oil comes out shit and I did my best practices on it then it’s usually the material and I refuse anymore from that grow.

I personally don’t rush even the shittiest oil. I don’t do this for a living. I guess I have that going for me.


So dope! Lol


I hear you there for sure. My plans are different this go around. I want to try my hand at short path. My thinking is if im winterizing already i might as well shoot for yield a little more than quality. But yea its hard to put yourself in a mindframe to make a lesser quality product. I might upgrade my rig a bit with a jacketed column for some of my nicer material tho just for some fun.