Winterizing.. yeah


so this is my first winterization attempt… is it supposed to be so red?. and after the roto she was even deeper red…


Yeah, that looks pretty good.


Thanks for the reply. I was get n worried… gonna try n spd next. Draining into my boiling flask and cross n my fingures


Wait, you’re going to purge that before you short path it, right? What I’m seeing in the video has way too much ethanol to run a distillation on.


I ran it through a roto evap got a ton of etoh out. Its much thicker and darker now. I wasn’t planning on putting it into the vac oven before my first distillation pass. Should i?


You will be fine with extra solvent just load flask thick but runny then pull vac then turn on mantle at 40 C and creep slowly towards 110-125 C with a cold condenser on the whole time.


Ok cool… about what I had planned…


So my best pump is a single stage mastercool… I’m think n I’m gonna upgrade like today… so this batch that I just ran is ultimately headed for carts… should I just de carb and mix in a little mct for now and just use them… it looks pretty decent. My question is… is this gonna taste like shizzle outta the roto decarbed mctd or should I wait a few days for new pump and run it spd with the better pump…


try to get as much “odor” off as possible. That will give you a clean slate to make your flavors.


When decarbing or spd?




Bammm… lol hot dog… first pass… after decarb with my poopy pump. Felling good but I can tel now first bit is green then yellowed out pretty nice then turned brown red like… kinda didn’t know where to split the fractions up so it all mixed together nut I dont even care…



No bueno…


What happened?? Doesn’t look like much oil in there? What was your starting amount?


It wasn’t alot… 3… 1lbish runs that I would usually get around 40 gramsish each after dewaxing and vac oven… this time I dewaxed winterized and then decarbed the distilled… I think I have some overkill steps there… somewhere 100 to 120 grams


Definitely some fine tuning to do…


Next trip is gonna be four one pound runs with no dewax (because of winterization?) and ima try n bake the dewaxn chamber with hot water to see if I can bring up the recovery yeild. I don’t feel like I loose alot of solvent 60/30/10… I just wanna get more yeild… then I’ll winterize while room temp then freeze over night on the dry ice and winterize again… then rotovap… then run first pass… then repeat and hopefully I will have a better run… I think I can figure out the head body and tailing? And separate the three by color … any suggestions on making this process better?


I think you need to start with a lot more than that. I think you need to winterize and dewax.

If that’s a 2l system. You want to start with 1000g of dewaxed oil.


Yeah I didn’t wanna trash a fat run like that until I get a better feel and got at least 1 or 2 solo runs … but yeah defiantly gonna ramp up a bit more after a couple more little runs…