Winterizing.. yeah


I bought a 500ml short path to learn. I also bought a 250ml boiling flask if I wanted to run even smaller.

I just finished winterizing and dewaxing my oil today. I should be ready to start early next week. For my 500ml short path, I started with 350g of crude. I don’t think l lost 50g worth of waxes and junk. I plan to carbon scrub it on Friday. And dry run my system over the weekend.

I think if you want to run these smaller run, you might wanna looking into a smaller boiling flask.


Makes sense… when I dewax I don’t get a bunch of crap waxes from winterizing… not anywhere near as much as when not dewaxed… i thought that winterizing and distillation will do the dewaxing instead…I have always dewaxed but I saw a post taking about baking the column to get more return on solvent and yeild…would be tough for me to dump out the dry ice in my dewaxer then bake with hot water so either bake it or dewax it?


I would never bake my column…never.

I saw what @Cruzinlabs said in the other thread about running more solvent. Thats what id do.

As for not picking up waxes when running a dewaxing column…well i can tell you even if you run at -55c butane like i do for my extractrion… I still picked up a significant amount of waxes. not as much as i here people talk about. But on the 350g i winterized and dewaxed 5x… Id say there was about good 10-12g of waxes and gunk i picked up.

On this batch i ran fast filter, fast filter, medium filter, slow, slow. Now i will perform a carbon scrub on the oil too which i suspect will lose some too. My filters on the last filtering looked just barely tinted from the color…I couldnt really see any waxes after the first slow filtering.


do both, no drain on your column?


why is that? It dosen’t hurt the extraction and it gets all your butane back.


Ive never had a problem getting all the tane back. I leave my material spool on when im recovering which will pull that butane right out of the material along with most of the oil left if there is any.


How big is your column? shoot I can take a column down to -29.5 hg with the recovery pump and still have residual gas. Thats why I heat it as well as recover from the top. Next time you dump a column place the extracted weed on a scale and zero it, walk away for 20 min and see if the weight changed. I weigh everything in my lab, you really start to notice things that way.


the largest one i use is 4x24…my butane loss per run is super negligible. It really takes about 20 or so runs to lose a 1/4lb of butane.


Gonna give this a try…thanks!


Same here after 20 lbs extracted I lose .5lb of butane at most and at $10 a lb I consider that something to not waste time and energy trying to re coup my $5 that’s like .25 cent a lb ran! I remember old days I used to spend $25 for 12 cans for 12 ozs of bud ran. I can’t imagine wasting time , energy, and risking my gauge is not reading right and apply heat to a ton of gas where it’s already bieng taken up by flower, plus risk getting my Product to degrade


Well butane loss isn’t what I am worried about… but if I set my column on a filter and come back later it’s yellow… so I assume the little leftover gas and yellow means leftover material… plus if winterizing does the same as dewaxing why not? I would dewax though if I was making a slab no doubt…


Thats an issue for me as well. I run a 6” x 48” column and can bury the gauge and still have well over a lb of gas left in the column.


@Soxhlet and @Cheebah. Let me ask you guys a few questions. Now that you said your spool is 6x48, and I know Sox runs big. what size lines are you running on your systems?

Are your collection tanks connected to the material spools directly with a tri clamp connection? Or with ptfe lined hoses? And what size is everything?

I kinda have a theory on this.


I know Sox has the bigger lines… Think was 3/8 he told me


3/8 hard lines, compression hardware, and hoses where it needs to flex. The bigger the plumbing on your recovery side the more efficently you can recover, think of your closed loop like a distillation aperatus. Bigger lines/more efficent condensers make a huge difference. How you heat your collection spool is important too, when we switched to a jacketed platter we halved the recovery time.



Do you guys ever think your lines are the reason your not able to recover all your solvent.

I’ve never moved oil laden solvent threw my lines. Nor have I rack mounted my extractor yet.

I’m thinking this is an issue on most extractors rack mounted. I never thought about this issue. I really never heard of this or experienced it till you guys started mentioning it.

I wonder if you guys went big like 1”-1.5” from material column to dewaxer and the same to collection. If you would have the same problems. I don’t think this is problems once the oil and solvent are separated. But once they are combined. It doesn’t move the solvent the same way.

It’s really just a theory. But I’ve never experienced solvent loss like your talking but also my extractor is all inline. All triclamp.


The top spool is a molecular seive, no dewax chamber here. Just chilled column and solvent.
The dewaxing vessels are best located where you have yours installed. We heat our material column and scavange the residual butane off the top of the column during recovery. The solvent loss is in the plant material.


Figured that was a sieve. When I make this extractor a bit bigger. And rack mount it next year. I’m gonna plumb it all with 1.5” tri champ the whole way.

I Imagine I will be able to get it out of the material like I do with the current setup. I’m definitely gonna weight the material after I run next but I was thinking about this today. I can’t imagine it’s a lot as I can run 20 or lbs without losing a 1/2lb of solvent when weighing the tank. I can imagine I’m picking up some terps in there but a negligible amount I assume.

I think I really need to start weighing everything precisely and really getting technical with everything.


The reduced flow at the bottom of the material column premotes flooding within the column, this helps the yeild. Theres only about a foot of 3/8 line and ballvalve between the column and the base.