Winterizing with spare tri-clamp parts?

Ok so I’m on a quest to turn my usual snap-and-pull into a more stable shatter. I finally got my buchner funnel and I was about to give winterizing my first go, but it literally shattered before I got to use it lol.

So I had an idea but I was hoping to get some feedback on whether or not it might work the same.

So I was thinking I would use my 6" diamond miner as a base.

I could remove the sight glass, and attach my conical reducer with a clamp.

Then I was thinking I would put my 3 inch filter plate on top of the conical reducer.

Last I was going to put some ashless filter paper on top the 150 micron SS screen that the filter plate came with, and secure it in with the compression clamp.

My biggest concern is that the filter plate doesn’t have much room to pour in the solution, could I just pour a little at a time?

If I pull vacuum on the diamond miner, could I use this just like a buchner funnel?

PS- Btw sorry in advance if this is all dumb lol

i think it would work. you wouldnt go very long before the base is full though.

also are you using ethanol or denatured stuff?

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This sounds like a really expensive way to skin this cat. You can get the parts you’re using for much cheaper elsewhere. At least the diamond miner, since you don’t need everything else that comes with it.

i believe he already has the parts at home


Ah. That damn reading comprehension got me again.


Yes I have all of this stuff, I was going to run some material this weekend but I didn’t want to order another buchner funnel

my reading is that OP has the parts in hand.

@ForrestTheGump: yes, that should work. chances are you’ve got better bits though.
(snap a pick of your stash)

the collection base for your CLS is probably a more appropriate size. What container to do ethanol wash in? - #16 by cyclopath shows an old MK III terp lid on a modified keg, which is what I used as the base for my buchner.


dont spend the money if you have all that shit already. you might try to find a way to run into a carboy or bigger flask so that you arent emptying that diamond miner every 30 seconds.

a 3" filter isnt much surface area. how much tincture are you filtering?


I’ve actually never done an ethanol wash, and I’m actually not running a cls system right now, closed column I think you would call it.

this is pretty much my setup right now except my column is 3×24 inch and I added an extra filter plate.

I’m doing n-butane and tri-blend extractions aof about a pound of material per run, I usually get 40-60 grams of crude per batch.

I would probably be winterizing 3-4 batches of about 50 grams each.

…again sorry for any confusion as I’ve never winterized before

Oh and I believe it is pure ethanol, the extract shop near me gets there stuff through bestvaluevacs.

They also have some stuff called 710 extraction solvent that I was wondering about because it’s almost half the price. They claim it’s a 95/5 mix of ethanol denatured with n-heptane.

Btw the diamond miner base is 6×2 lol… currently trying to convert that to mL :joy:


although with just a miner, a reducer, a 3" filter plate, and a closed column, I think you’ve probably already exhausted the possibilities for your tinker toy set.

is that a 3" or 4" miner?

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I’m sorry I don’t have pictures with me and I really don’t have much more than that lol, nothing I could use at least I don’t think

And the diamond miner is 6" …I tried to do the math and I got about 925 mL but I’m not sure if that’s right lol.

If it is 900+ mL than could I do like 50 grams of wax plus 500 mL of solvent?

I might be able to borrow a collection base from my buddies cls I suppose

917ml volume but you wont be able to get the liquid level very high before your vac pump start sucking up solvent.

definitely try to get an addition 6" spool to add to the volume of the collection base.


Ok I didn’t even think about that lol. Thanks for all the advice guys!

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Assuming I do about 50 grams at a time what kind of volume should I shoot for?

I’m hoping my buddy has some spare parts or an extra collection base

just a 6x6 spool added to what you’ve got should do the trick nicely, with or without the base from your miner.


Just this week I did the same. Works great. I run a vacuum pump with quick connects also.