Hello, everyone, I am new over here do not know where to start.

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Read read and read Some more what side of concentrates have your interest


Yes because Celite 545 is just activated d.e. . I use Harris Food Grade D.E. for filtering.

I got that now. There was a lot of learning last year! LOL Especially on the chemical side!


I recommend the books section in the data dump.

However, it really depends what you’re looking for.

@Roguelab is correct. Read, read, read some more…

I’ve been reading almost every post for over a year, and learn new stuff almost every day…


Yes, I totally agree with the point that it is depends upon me. I know where I want to explore.
Thanks for the reply.:slightly_smiling_face:


Soooo winterization no longer uses a freezer? Or freeze first then funnel?

Step 1 = Freeze, funnel out fats
Step 2 = room temp, aluminum oxide
Step 3 = room temp, celite 545
Step 4 = room temp, activated charcoal

Buchner w filter pass 1= aluminum oxide

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Ali oxide grabs 80/90% of all fats but not all
Freezing below -60C does depending on solvent used in my case ethanol or methanol with a pinch of water


Can u mix them all at once

Etoh for cryo winterization and Methanol for room temp winterization with no cryo gear

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What does methanol do at room temp ethanol does not?

winterize without cryogenic methods


:rofl::rofl::rofl:. Methanol does not disolve waxes so the percipitate out


hoppp got lot of higgrade meerschaum (sepiolite)… ill test it… hehe over 1 year ago u posted

Magnesium silicate as magnesol or as magsil ?

For the first step, is it recommended that the Ethanol be warmed as well prior to mixing? Or it doesn’t really matter, as it eventually is heated up as we’re dissolving the crude? Thanks in advance!