So I warmed up the peanut butter one, and removed as much water as I could, but it just turned to a darker color.
But I got an idea to warm up the middle one on a hot plate with a stirring rod, and it turns out somewhat clearer.


After winterization, I noticed that all my containers seem to have a red tint to them. Possible PH issue or something else?


Check your ph, I bet it’s low. I’ve seen this with low ph in alcohol.


It works and not only de-waxes, it removes the gums too. Aluminum oxide is inexpensive. Give it a try.


Put one tablespoon of Magnesium Silicate per kilogram of oleoresin in your shortpath. It will remove all the red. Too much and you get waterclear. Sucks up all the carotenoids.


I remember this from when you were on Youtube! Semper Fi…


See above. Filter through Aluminum oxide 240 grit at room temperature.Better than what you are doing. Also, 10:1 is way too dilute. Go 4:1 if you insist in winterizing cold.


Thanks for the advice, going to try it out. Also, I am going to check my PH level to see if the ethanol is way too acidic. The freezer goes down to -20 C, not sure if that is cold enough. but will filter at room tempature when filtering through the Aluminum oxide.


I am not getting any red color from the short path, most of the color is through basic winterization.


I like it, Careful with the Dryice though. Your subsequent steps will help remove it but I’ve noticed some slight isomerization with batches that were winterized with DI, I could only figure it was because of the carbonic acid released


that’s interesting i knew about the carbonic acid formation but always thought it also took energy in the form of heat to get an isomerization reaction started


well if you go straight to distillation after winterization, theres your heat. I’m sure it can be accounted for with a good LL separation


the acid should dissipate when the co2 is gone shouldn’t it? i know the co2 can stay dissolved in the ethanol like a carbonated soda but if the ethanol is degassed will this still happen you think?
i mean flat soda doesnt have the carbonic acid taste


works better than conventional winterizing. It removes not only the wax but also gums and fatty acids. Works with methanol or ethanol



you might want to re-read it…

& a dry-ice Ethanol bath should be -78C


If dry ice in the solution is of concern, then prepare a bed of dry ice and place beaker of solution upon said bed and pack DI around the beaker. This is slightly slower but no DI will come in contact with the solution


Food grade de is perfect you can get it very cheap on we got 25lb bags for 38bucks shipped. We use don’t use powder from of celite 545 we use coarse grade so we don’t have those issue you were talking about we just use a little more and let it soak before vacuum


I’ve experienced this as well. If you have any limonene around, see if it dissolves this residue away.


does it have any effect on isomerization?