Winterisation with butane possible?

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so as i haven’t found an answer in the search bar I`ll try to find it out in a post.

So is it possible to winterize your crude with butane? Or is the polar -OH group from Ethanol the reason that its winterizing in Ethanol?

And why do you call it winterisation with ethanol and dewaxing with butane? Is this an other chemical reaction or just synonyms?

I know if you extract at very low temps, you wont pull as much fats and co but some will still come with i was told. So if i evaporate the right amount of my butane and put it in a vacc freezer at -80°C (like i would do it with etoh) does it also winterize or not?

Sorry if theres something not understandable im not a native so my english is not the best :slight_smile:


You sure can. It’s called a dewaxing chamber. Also if you extract at, or below -40C (optimally -60C) you’re going to pull way less fats, if any at all.


Thanks for the quick reply. Im curious because i cant remeber the thread but if i remember right @spdking mentioned somewhere that its not possible to fully dewax within an chamber with butane and there should be done an additional winterisation with ethanol to really remove all waxes… Hopefully i dont talk shit about that because i cant remeber 100%. So sorry spdking if i mix something up here.

Do you have some more insights about that or are you sure that you wont pull any fats at this temperature?


You’ll still pull fats at -40C, and you’ll pull the least amount at -60C and below. There’s techniques like pushing through fast, versus soaking. If you use a higher ratio of butane but push it through fast you’ll pull less (obviously) than if you soak the biomass. Using a dewaxing chamber you also run the risk of crashing out THC-A if you stall in the chamber for too long.


OK thanks, does this affect the extraction rate from the cannabinoids or do i pull the same amount of cannabinoids and terps within a “fast pushing extraction”
So if i understand it right its the period of time which will let the fats extrakt?

Eg. I do an extraction with 20 kg butane in 5 minutes i will pull less fats then using 5 kg and let it soak for 15minutes ? is this right ?

It all depends on the final product you are looking to make, for example, I am dedicated to the manufacture of carts fll spectrum, my extractions are made with only propane, to have a golden color and good terps, then I prepare that extraction for the winter with absolute ethanol, at -80 c with dry ice for 4 hours to 6 hours, then filter with special paper and a vacuum pump to filter the fats, then that is introduced into the rotary evaporator to separate the ethanol and can later use that to the carts. I may skip a step but in the end I do the winterizing just so that my carts do not have waxes, now if you want to know sugar or budder it is not necessary to use the winterizing


yes that’s correct, but getting cold enough is probably the more important factor than soak time…
cannabinoid extraction efficiency should still be pretty high on a 5 minute soak. Maybe a few percent lower than a 20 minute soak, but not much.

Total yield will be effected, but that’s just because the 20 minute soak is picking up a bunch of extra shit. That’s why soaking for a shorter time will produce an extract containing less lipids


Dewaxing is lipid reduction not elimination

Winterizing is post process clean up to remove lipids but can also be for color remediation.

Putting your bag of material on a dry ice chest before you extract can help on small scale 1lb or less with picking up less


You are losing a chunk of terps doing this…


yes, but then I add cannabis terpenes

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Well well well, here’s the best advice you’re going to get about dewaxing or winterizing whatever who cares… Colder is better if you hate long chain lipids in your dabs, but this is all on a spectrum, from the very smallest and shortest of molecules up to bee’s wax. The colder your solvent the smaller the molecules that can stay in solution. Inversely, the more energetic your solvent, the larger the molecules it can hold in solution…


Basic effing chemistry…


In short, the colder it retains more waxes, the less cold it collects less waxes. :man_shrugging:t6:

No, the opposite entirely.


No, the opposite entirely

It was a joke friend … peace and love :slight_smile:


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Just trying to help…hte ftw

Extract colder. Seperate terps, decarb thca, mix together, cart

The cart above is just hte.


But why would you add ‘em…
When you already had ‘em?


because a lot of terps are lost when decarboxylating, that is the reason i put terpenes again