Will this head give me any trouble?

Im getting my first spd system its a 2L and the head in the picture is what I will most likely go for, I just thought to ask beforehand because from what I’ve read having some a good head is very important not just in short path distillation :slight_smile:

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She’ll do just fine. I’d recommend getting a thermo well key with as many theoretical plates as possible. Otherwise, as long as it seals well you should be fine.

I’ve never used a head without a “fraction collector” (it’s a ring right before the condensing section that holds a minute amount of condensed material) but it should be alright.


isn’t that what the guys at summit research are developing ?

That’s a “fraction finder” the collector is a glass component within the distillation head itself. Looks like a little donut near where the head splits off into the condenser

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Is there any way you could share a pic ?

What’s your plan for this Short path? What will you be making/distilling primarily?

Primarily I will distill oil for vape pens

You talking THC or CBD?

Also a little pro tip, I would pack your distillation head with a stainless steel Brillo pad if you can (not familiar with your particular distillation head). If you can, you will increase your surface area ~10x and get much cleaner fractions.


Im talking THC :slight_smile:

You mean stuff it inside the head or outside?? What is the effect that is caused by the brillo pad ?? When you say it will increase my surface area do you mean heat wise ? Heres a pic of the head im getting

Fc series heads are today’s distillate. Old spd2 variants even make yesterdays distillate. We don’t even make them anymore. Only fc series heads

you’re the guy from summit research right ?? I saw couple of your videos, that head you got with the cup to prevent oil from going back is amazing, got any used cheap ones for a 2L setup ?

Possibly. Email sales and ask them and see what’s the best price on floor models glass or new glass. Depending what we have laying around on the floor model bins.

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very well, Ill do that tomorrow morning

The little cup at the top that looks like it’ll collect condensing vapor.

Definitely call up summit tomorrow—their glassware is always a fantastic buy imho


Is that the best head? No. Will it give you any trouble? No. I’ve done over a hundred distillations with that style head. My main gripe is that it’s slow. If you end up building a kit with that head, make it full bore.


thanks a lot man, yeah ill call up the summit :slight_smile:

It’ll do well, we ran one before our BR 9200

I’m talking Brillo pad in the head, this will increase the surface area which your vapor has to travel through to reach the top of the distillation head and come over as a fraction. If it has to travel through10x as much total surface area before reaching the top of the distillation head, junk that may have been co-distilling with your material would have 10x as many opportunities to recondense and fall back into your boiling flask.

This will make your heads fractions have significantly less cannabinoids in it, and make your distillate fraction have less terps and other heavy bullshit in it.

Does that make sense?


Awesome explanation!!!

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So basically all you gotta do is wrap the outside of the head with the brillo pad in order to maintain the temperature more stable ? Basically shielding it from ambient air ?

Is there any way you could share a picture of your method ?