Wild Forage Booty

Are these good, or bad mushrooms?


Good mushrooms.

Laetiporus sulphureus is a species of bracket fungus found in Europe and North America. Its common names are crab-of-the-woods, sulphur polypore, sulphur shelf, and chicken-of-the-woods. Its fruit bodies grow as striking golden-yellow shelf-like structures on tree trunks and branches.


Is the most common local vernacular, nice find! Choice edible


Chanterelle, Tapinella atrotomentosa (velvet footed pax), amanita, unsure that fat one the kids looking at


Depending on the tree is comes from it can make some people shit their brains out. I recommend any new mushroom you should test a small amount. I know an older person who ate morels for 40 years then all of the sudden they started making her sick ever time she would eat them. :man_shrugging:


I scored a good booty from that one. I’m going to try to make a chicken-of-the-woods parm out of em.

I will most likely take @Dukejohnson suggestion and try a small piece to make sure that they don’t make me meet God (not see, meet), or shit my brains out.


And this was up close towards Ranier. Probably one of the pine tree looking trees. Or whatever is in these parts. You would know better than I would actually, it was at the carbon river rainforest trail

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Probably not pine, likely fir or hemlock, possibly spruce

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That’s what I meant by “pine looking” I knew we had fir but didn’t know what else. I’m still new to the parts

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pictures from todays foray. Im a permitted commercial mushroom hunter now. If you want some chantrelles feel free to hit the DM.


It’s the best season in a decade easy… i probably laid eyes on over 200lbs today. I just took the A and A+ specimens.


Lactarius paradoxus

Honey mushrooms

I highly recommend milkcaps, best fried mushrooms I’ve ever had. By far!


Anyone ever found oysters that look like this? The color is very honey mushroom but I’m fairly certain they aren’t honey mushrooms. The gills run down the stalk and the spore print is white. I know oysters are highly variable but these don’t resemble any pics I find. The Petersons field guide says “white to gray to yellow” then shows a picture of a solid dark brown cap … :slight_smile:

I need to invest in some higher quality field guides

The presentation of unknown mushrooms on a plate bothers me more than I thought it would.

ID will take more than that picture. pics of how/on what they were growing, and a range of ages would be ideal.

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I was mostly asking about the cap color, hence the lack of other pics. Gills are decurrent, spore print is white, stalks are off center and barely there at all, if at all, growing on a dead tulip poplar stump, several weeks of below frost temps.

Everything checks out on my end except 1) I’ve never found wild oysters and 2) they have splotches 3) they aren’t what I’d consider smooth. I don’t know what else could they be but not I’m not sure enough to eat them yet.

I think I posted pics of this same organism before too while on the stump from last year


Anyone know what this is? Couldn’t get an ID with Google lens