Why isn't N-Propanol (C3H8O, CAS 71-23-8) used for extraction?

Am I missing something? Its GRAS but distilled from fusel oils not sugar. Its available in pure form without license. I have to be missing something important here…


It’ll require more energy per unit volume both to chill and to evaporate/condense.

But it’s worth a shot.


I read that it’s good for extracting flavonoids.

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Azeotrope with water is 70% so it will be hard to keep reusing.


Wasn’t there a reason @Beaker washed medias with iso propanol then dried for these reasons?

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Wouldn’t n-propanol be even more polar than methanol? If you were to go that route I’d imagine isopropyl would be a better choice

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That being said wouldn’t it be more effective for a LLE then Methanol?

N propanol is not more polar than methanol… I don’t know why you’d say that. It should have properties intermediate between ethanol and iso.

I suppose it might be depending on which way you are going. Winterize in n-propanol and LLE to heptane might be a good process

Yep I goofed that up lol. Cheerfully retracted

or what about Propene?

Its more polar than ethanol and takes more energy to evaporate, it would have to be significantly cheaper than our usual solvents to be an attractive alternative.

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Propane is also know as propylene and makes up 30-60% of the “Propane” you get from the gas station. Where I’m at the dominant brand is Blue Rhino and it contains about 50% propene.

I’ve been meaning to deodorize some gas station propane and see if the increased polarity of propene can be successfully negated by a subzero extraction. It could be an econonical solution for folks in remote areas who have to buy tanks of butane shipped.

Different molecule. Propane is C3H8 as opposed to N-Propanol C3H8O. Propene is C3H6…

PropENE is prolly expensive af

Edit: just checked. It is not expensive af and as @ScoobyDoobie mentioned it’s pretty much mixed w propane and sold as propane.

Who knew!


I know this is silly, but I’m still pursuing a temperature range fix for countertop water dispensers. N-Propanol has a boiling point of 97c and water at 100c. They both boil away and re-condense at nearly the same rate so this is a better match that using ethanol in the machine. Ethanol (evreclear 190 proof) is $75 a gallon here in Oregon, N-Propanol is $42, big savings…

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The separation of propane from propene is one of the most ( I actually think its the most) energy intensive processes in the petrochemical industry. Its essentially treated as a waste stream so naturally its cheap.

This is precisely the reason I wanted to explore the idea, but propylene’s tendency to polymerize had me a little spooked. Could you maybe explain my unfounded fears away?

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Hmm… Just stumbled across this - Oregon removed Butanol, Propanol, and Ethanol from the list of chemicals to be tested. This was in 2016 as a temporary move till their regulations settled. 2017 final regulations left the three off the testing list…

ScoobyDoobie, Actually, I did some testing on Methanol. I got a quote from a local distiller for $5 a gallon. Problem is, minimum order is a 55 gallon poly drum. Can’t quite store that in the shed out back… Here’s the thread on Methanol -


How does adding an aliphatic carbon make a molecule more polar