Why don't all jars make dimonds?

So I’m creating this topic because on every run there’s always jars that don’t create dimonds. I can not achieve 100% all dimonds. I have a huge hunch that it’s “garbage in garbage out” but with running a short-path before this endeavor I cannot fully agree. The jars that don’t make it are a root bear color coming out the collection vessel. Everything in the closed loop extraction is set up for dimonds & most jars come out great. But it will literally be one particular batch out of a dozens run that suck. It’s never good starting material that this happens with. Always larf or a bit better. Sometimes a higher bud to trim ratio or vise versa. I need help. Thank you for your time with this matter. i.e. I have been successful with these starting materials & worse so while I know to some % this answers my question but not 100%.

How often do you change or regenerate your seive

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For drying purposes? I’m a bit perplexed by the question. I apologize.

I centrifuge.

This leads me to believe you might be obtaining moisture into your solvent which would result in every other run or few to be sugar or not nucleate. More of a badder consistency (edit before someone yells at me)


What would cause this?

Condensation accumulating over time from cold extract warming up to be purged & not going through fresh beads will allow passage of moisture into your collection tank with solvent. If not running a sieve at all while running hydrocarbon in cls then it’s very likely the case.

I have seen a sort of fractioning effect when pouring out into jars. Has anyone else seen this. I also see it when splitting the pours into different Pyrex, parchment boat, etc. they look different hinting to me that they’re fractioning as they pour out… also see the same thing where one jar crashes out crazy while others don’t even tho they come out the same pour


No it happens at really awkward numerical intervals to be my solvent. I get what I would call a “red mist” disstalite in the jar after crash and a week or so.

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Consistent pour or stop & go?

Reason I ask cause if not a consistent flow out then the agitation from even a simple pour out can cause one end of the run to sugar faster than the first half.

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Stop and go as I fill boats or jars

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Pictures may help with this


What style of collection pot do you have? I use a ffe style. Mine is a 6in so I feel like the smaller the diameter the more I see this happening. It seems like it’s stacking in density order as it recovers


my collection flask i keep a heated water jacket of 120s with some Sous Vide


I’ll never understand how people will unwittingly put themselves in harms way, BEFORE they learn it… Don’t get super saturation, which is the FIRST science thing anyone learned
Sorry not trying to be a dick… READ

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When I run cls I like to have a cauldron style pot bottom pour out, when I use to use honey pots pouring out you would get nice consistency first few pours or scrapes per say if going that route if to large of pot to pour, then the final few would always muffin out more due to the nucleation forming from agitating back n forth or moving the resin in constant motion, same physics as making sugar once poured.

Didn’t see your edit till just now lol

But I did notice in the 6” stacked collections you do have a noticeable amount of more sugaring & buddering than more susceptible to evenly distributed pour outs as the collection is not allowing as much surface area to work with its creating more friction of the resin as it comes down the column instead of as if a cauldron style were to just flood out due to its wide angle surface area creating more of a single flow motion instead.

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So that’s just your collection correct? Not the column/rack itself? If just running a spool with hose into collection like this undoubtedly it would be moisture content. What solvents? Temps? You said old/cured material but even then can get good product from it.


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Yes I’ve gotten dimonds with larfier stuff its a really random when it happens. All the exact same variables.

See…THAT is a more interesting question, and matched the subject title…

If it was the OP who was having this issue, I’d suggest some jars were leaking more (the ones that worked)…but that’s not what you’re seeing.

@Tobias: are you asking why some jars or some pours don’t do what you want?

Because there is a huge difference…

Terpene profile
Cannabinoid profile (decarb?!?)

And of course variations in your pour, be that moisture in solvent, or variations in your gas blend (you using a blend? Straight n-tane?)