Why are my plants herming out?

I have never had any strains of mine herm out since I’ve started growing over ten years ago. Now I’ve had two different strains start popping out balls. Any ideas and or advice?

Bad genetic possibly… From seed or clone?

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Indoor or outdoor

What’s your geographic location? I just got back from two grows that were weird due to weather. They were in nor Cali and central. Both triggered a month early in the dep tents but were able to light them back into veg.

Have had this cut for years, first time ever doing anything like this?


Stress be for flower or light leak will do that.


They sale some called reverse from Dutch master I have not used it .

I’m betting you’re not cloning from the original F1/mother plant over the years? Making mother’s out of clones and repeating this process will degrade the original genetics. It’s best to only have two generations than start fresh seeds. Also your mothers should be on 16/8. 24hour lights Is bad for mother’s. This will cause the clones to mutate genetics from not having nature’s light cycle.


Pictures would help… ph of growing media… indoor outdoor… what week are they in? Genetics? Assuming hemp from your name?

I’ve heard of this over the years but never actually seen any science to back it up, do you have any resources for information on this topic? I’ve had some of the same phenos for 5+ years now, clone after clone, never keep a mother. They grow just as they did from day 1. I haven’t noticed any genetic changes in them, they do what they’ve always done.


I’ve known of a grower who grew sour diesel for over 20 years this way with no issues.

Here’s actually a good article that sums it up, there’s not really any evidence that genetics change over time when cloning, but there’s several factors that can effect clones and their final outcome:

It’s pretty basic, but it’s a good quick explanation.


No i have no scientific journals. This is just from experience. To me it seems only logical that a plant will need to adapt to its surroundings. If plants can’t adapt it will reproduce. Over time Without a natural light cycle and natural light it’s starting to genetically modify itself to adapt to a new surrounding. You can’t expect a plant to adapt from centuries of natural development to a more synthetic one. Add getting nutrients from liquids and not natural super soil this is probably making the plants freak bc of to many things changing at once. It’s a theory but i watch Rascal OG and NF1 degrade over generations. When i use to grow i had one mindset if I’m putting this money and time into something i need to have the best results possible.

Sour D also been a cash crop for years. This is a strain that’s been through the gauntlet like blue dream. Those two strains can flourish in the harshest conditions.

Eh, personally I’ve seen the opposite too. I dunno, there’s not much evidence of it happening either way.

This is the problem stating things with authority on the subject of growing. Your personal experience and mine are going to be different. It’s like with flushing and light deprivation, everyone has their own sworn by method.

I personally had a killer strain going for awhile, thought the same thing about degradation, and threw the last batch into flowering, it was one of the best harvests I’ve had. I totally regret not keeping it around.


I do not believe in clone degradation at all. Dolly the sheep is dolly the sheep. No matter how many time you clone it. Same when a plant. The environment can and will play a role in clone degradation, nut not cloning a clone of a clone.

I ONLY clone from a clone from a clone over 8yrs of growing.

My darlins net is dansbuds personal pheno from 5yrs ago, and is a clone only pheno. All 20 of my strains I run are clone fromma clone from clone.


Plants hermie from the following reasons

Light/timer issues
Inferior breeding practices
Grower error
Too much of this or that (additives or nutes)


@clouds @Curious_Roberto 100% believe all of y’all. I know our techniques are different and i believe now that the reason it can’t be proved or disproved bc all plants are different with carrying genes through generations. Some might herm some might adapt to its surrounding and flourish. @Demontrich your mothers and clones what light cycle do you keep them on?

Plants can herm from inexperienced breeders. I know it takes thousands of plants to find the right ones for this job. Oops i didn’t see that last msg before i wrote this one but Have you grew a plant through veg-> flower-> leave 1/4 of colas-> bring back to life-> veg it as a mother?

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And i learned my first growinng style from a grower doing this for over 20 years. His formula was the best i seen so far from even other growers but it overlapped on some nutes so i took those out and added others to give the full amount of ppm

I dont keep mothers

Veg is 18/6 at all times
Flower is 12/12 at all times.

I dictate what temps, rh, light schedule, everything is on my terms.

Edit, it nearly 10yrs (more like 8+) I’ve done and tried it all.

I can take a cutting from week 6 from flip, and clone that (monster crop) with sucess.

I’m limited by plant count. So no moms. Clone of a clone of a clone of a clone.

I’m at 1480ppm feed, on a feed/water/feed cycle. 1400ppm co2