Why are cops such assholes?

This guy did everything right. He had a COA on every package that showed that THC levels were below the legal limit, he gave them the information to the legal farm where the hemp was grown.

Cops told him that they looked into everything and cleared him and that he can pick up his hemp at the police station.

When he went to pick up the hemp they arrested him.

Shouldn’t the cops get charged for theft and kidnapping an innocent person?


Fucking road pirates


If it does test for hemp and not mj, NYPD is in some hella shit.


We learnt this very well in person… From cannabis lawyers. When we had the terpenes confiscated by the police earlier this year. Zero percent THC. Still. Don’t risk your freedom!

Use a $50-100 mail courier to pick up your package. Free lawyer advice there.

Plus be a million times confident your package has really been released from evidence. Get a lawyer. Don’t pick up in person.


Money, Power and Respect… circle back to this. Cops are the class nerds when you were in high school. Going back a little farther, in elementary we called them tattle tales.
There is a reason you do not need a degree to apply and be hired as a police officer. Most “hazardous” jobs where your life is at risk you are paid “hazard pay”( Not Cops). The average cop makes 50k a year for the stressful line of work they were able to secure.
Circling back, making 50k a year at a high risk job stresses you out. So this puts them in a shitty mood on a daily basis. Just think how this affects them mentally when they pull over the neighborhood dope boy in something exotic that cost 2-3 years of their salary. This is The “Money”.
Cops really have no Power on/off the job since you need money first. The laws in the US are actually in our favor and most arrests are the arrestees fault. To an informed citizen cops are reduced to their title, “Servants”. Follow the Pot Brothers at Law on Instagram as STFU fridays is priceless. I believe they are coming to Miami this month with Joe and Cris if anyone wants to ride.
Respect, first you get the Money, then you get the power, then N!G@S will respect you ass. Cops get no respect anywhere they go. That’s why they are issued a gun and even then they dont get any.
These come into play when they come across a guy sending 100 #'s in the mail every week. They have to contend that this guy just pulled in their yearly salary dropping some box’s off. While they work long hours getting no respect doing a job that few want to do.
This is why I really how buddy hires a great firm and takes these fools to the cleaners.


I love the pot brothers at law!!!

They’re the definition of OGs

Listen to them on Tosh.o

Fucking hilarious


Second paragraph explains it all…

a “gung-ho” Fedex driver took it upon himself to report the shipment to the 75th Precinct when it arrived in Brooklyn — despite the fact that the cargo had all the necessary documentation to prove it was legal.

Seems to me like the FedEx driver may have thought he was gonna see a pay day from turning in the shipment… Just saying… If I were to be shipping that much hemp I would for sure wrap it correctly so to not smell. Why risk multiple thousands of $$$? LAZY!


While I agree with the first paragraph about the job simply selecting for those who crave authority, I can’t say the “stress” of their job justifies their behavior. I worked some construction jobs where death or serious injury was a very real daily threat for about half of that salary and knew some guys who saw the gruesome shit that happened to their unlucky coworkers. ICU and ER nurses see some of the most fucked up shit imaginable on a daily basis. Yet I never see people in those career fields acting the way cops do. Even in their private lives. There’s a reason cops have some of the highest rates of domestic violence compared to those working in any other profession.

A cop’s only duty is to protect and serve the interest of the state. If there is even an ounce of suspicion that you’re not obeying the law, it makes more sense for them to nail you to the wall and sort it out later than do anymore research on their own to prove your innocence. Add to that their qualified immunity, the toxic “thin blue line” culture and an “us vs them” mentality, and this is what you get. Authority with impunity is a scary combination that few can resist abusing.


Too bad for the guy arrested but hopefully this leads to a lawsuit where they get thoroughly beaten.


If you haven’t realized yet that our entire country (US) is founded by a good old boys club of powerful white men and has continued on that path for the entire lifetime of our country, and that the police are their enforcers, I feel for you. The war on drugs and the private prison system are one of the biggest money rackets in the nation. For every non-violent drug offender kept in jail the private prison system makes more than a years full-time minimum wage salary, and that is net profit not gross. The more people they can put in jail for victimless crimes the more money they make. We’re talking billions of dollars here.




I’d love to hear your opinion.


Maybe… We should ask why such assholes… Become cops…


This country is not the same country 50 years ago. Police we’re not militarized until 2001. After the patriot act.

Is this country perfect? Absolutely not. But I’d rather live in this country then the 6+ countries I’ve lived and experienced.

People confused equality and equity to a diminishing degree in this country.


Huge union and lobby

The patriots came here from Britain, and started killing natives and taking over, putting power structures in place. During the civil war the government killed 80 million natives to secure their ultimate power. How has this not been a hostile takeover since day one? People in power don’t just randomly come into power. They plan for generations well beyond their death. The “patriots” were just old white men who wanted to be in total control rather than be under the queen of Britain’s rule.


Yeah I’ve lived in the UK and was subjected to the queens rule. Do you know where the sang “get off your soap box” comes from?

80 million? I don’t think so…

Yes, many times through history. In fact, some of the richest men in my Rolodex literally stumbled on to their fortune.

Your definition of power - authoritarian power - is indeed not true power. Fear only on rules so far.

Call me crazy but…the most powerful in the room is the one whom can be Virtually anywhere Phone a friend and accomplish his goal.

Life is about people :wink:


80 million was a bit of a stretch but its estimated between 5 million and 15 million natives were killed by Americans.

Money, power, respect.

First you get the money. Once you have the capital you have the power to do what you want( move around/call shots). Once dudes realize you can be anywhere literally or with a phone call they will respect you. It’s how the greatest mafia in the word(US govt) works. The US govt is based on the mafia. They provide you protection at a cost.


It’s all good :joy::rofl:

I can think of 9 genocides since ww2 that have close to a combined death count.

What about the record number of slaves on the planet now? Number is around 40 million…

Shit…Russia starved that amount of Ukrainians in maybe 10 years?

I can go on and on…