Why am i losing my ablitlies on the forum

Start one thread, and post in that one thread.

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More montel spam. Nice. Don’t even care about the content.

@Montel is a spammer. Only here to promote his hustle. It’s not even him, and they can’t even respond to anyone on the forum.

Get bent @Montel


How come I don’t see the flag options anymore??


Maybe u abused it too much. :joy::rofl::joy:

Just losing all your privileges huh?

I believe it’s a conspiracy to silence all you guys speaking up about the vote……

Still there for me


I got a cease and desist letter in the mail.


If anyone wants to learn about this stuff from a non-bot one of my best friends travels the world shaman-ing these types of things. I can ask questions - I think he’s back in the US after over a year and more abroad doing this.

And to tie it all together, yes the gentleman is a vet as well.


The poor bastard got his account locked

Whoever is mass reporting @CapitalismSucks420 is more dedicated to censorship then he is dedicated to trolling

3rd time this week

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Bunch of snowflakes :joy::joy:



You missed a letter

There we go

Sorry but you are not the king :prince:


No. I am a God.

Seriously though why are people mass reporting “off topic” posts

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Because it’s cancel culture why would this place be different?


My mistake.

Forgot you’re not allowed to make fun of anyone here unless they’re deemed a racist or unless the staff team hates them

Rules for thee but not for me

When a mock SPDKing account even see’s this you know its starting to go to shit

Pretty soon this forum will either A. Be dead with inactive members or B. Get shutdown due to the mods

So far I haven’t seen really any newer faces/people in a while and they don’t stay for long. I wonder why

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They already made there money


What happened to capitalism sucks ?

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He got account locked for making that post about montel hanging with kamala

Because it’s a behavior that has been sustained despite public rebuke multiple times

Less shit posting outside EC = less flags

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Why did my flags get taken away ??

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