Whose flagging everything that's off topic? Me... Let's discuss the flag system

The intricacy of the flagging system has nothing to do with the civility standards of the forum, nor does spdking’s freedom or his vote for that matter. As for that thread, morning dabs and personal insults are also off topic. I’m out of flags now though, so there’s that.


I say temp ban for anyone abusing the flag system. Notice I said temp ban not perm?


If me flagging off topic posts as off topic is deemed inaccurate, ban away.

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Will flagging off topic posts until a thread is locked prevent future off topic posts? Will it cause some on topic posts that may have been posted to be forgotten about, never to be posted? Is there any other recourse to help get a thread back on topic? How far off topic should a post be before flagging? How far off topic should a thread become before causing it to be locked?

I’m kinda curious about that plugin that shows percentage, flag acceptane maybe?

These are important questions, and this is definitely an appropriate place to work them out. When you guys reach a new decision lmk and I’ll start enforcing that way. I do care about the forum, and I want it to be successful and civil. If flagging is the current method, that’s what I’ll do.

@BigM it does show you can in fact still write out a post and have it ready for when things get unlocked so it won’t prevent a post from being in the moment of thought, regardless of its topic. The threads do say they were closed for being off topic, so I’d like to hope the community cares enough about the thread to get back on topic when it reopens. Looks like I could only single handedly close down about two topics a day, even if that’s what happened… so shouldn’t be that hard to get around it and continue to do whatever they want if that’s the preferred outcome.


Anyone that thinks things are going back to the way they were is delusional.

Sorry, this place has reached a critical mass, point me to another forum that’s moderated in the same fashion that doesn’t have problems.

You abused the flagging system to try to make the forum be how you want it to be.


He the 3rd person to intervene on the subject but silence from the overlords :joy::joy:

No. I used the flag system to flag only posts that were not a part of the topic of the thread. I want it to be what it was designed by discourse to be and I used, not abused, the discourse system as it was directed to be used by its reference material.

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I think what @CuriousChemist22 is pointing out is that @spdking was unjustly flagged and the admins are using that as a reason to keep him silenced


Looks like you had a tantrum from this end.

It’s kinda like pot calling kettle black here imo.


Learn something new every day. Didn’t know we could pre post awaiting the unlocking. Good to know.

It would be great if new posts would stay on topic after a thread is locked for going off the rails. It really sucks this has to be an issue. I don’t agree with your methodology, but I applaud you for trying to make a difference.

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Overlords lol that’s rich :joy:

How is the flagging system doing anything but helping the situation?

I fail to see how admin participation will improve the system, they have already provided the tool as a remedy

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Now there are 3 threads that could probably just be one.

Okay. My methodology is wrong? Then wtf is this off topic flag vbutton for?

I’m not mad that spdking won or lost I was in the side of bringing him back, but keeping talking out your ass. I saw a post that clearly referenced the preferred method in the discourse app, flag things which are off topic, inappropriate, or spam.

Morning dabs are not relevant to a discussion about spdking, nor is it appropriate for @roiplek to insult the intelligence of other members. Then I flagged every post in the civility thread that related to the flag system because guess what? The flag system inner workings is not related to whether or not we should behave civilly.

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I don’t think “meta” topics should get “off topic” flags.

Isn’t that more for if it’s a science thread?

Can you go unflag our beloved spdking thread so we can continue the more important topic at hand?

Pretty sure the only place we’re supposed to ignore the community standards is the echo chamber. The idea that a discussion of the inner working of the site should be free for derailment is ridiculous.

Once it’s flagged it’s flagged man.

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And rowanposting.

Yeah just tested you’re right

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Just curious, Why do you want that thread unlocked anyways ?

The subject is a dead horse, the poll is over and I believe the point has been made

Besides Elliot does not even want to come post anyways

Seems like you just want to kick up dust