Who's the real original Factory


I know I missed some but so far all 4 of you have claimed to be “the original manufacturer” of vape carts. Here’s your place to show proof if you care to. Some of you have mentioned patents and that you can’t share them b.c. you risk people copying your design. My question is: Is all of this information not already publicly available China?

If any other accounts got missed tag em here and let’s all talk about it :ok_hand:


Will the real factory please stand up?


No Problem! Let me show all the certificates for world first full ceramic carts—MC020

  1. Patent awarded on 4th, April 2019.
  2. Heavy metal free report on 16th, May 2019


More Certificates of our MC020 and factory:
1.CE certificate:

2. Rohs Certificate:

3. ISO13485 Certificate:


the only proof thats really gonna satisfy me is @Fullceramiccarts standing in the middle of a factory floor with a sign in front of him saying “hi future, this is @Fullceramiccarts and im chillin in my motherfuckin factory like a pimp”. video would be caller too…

If anyone of you all can do that… ill believe your the factory… all the certificates mean nothing to me. i want video proof. who else is like me?


I personally don’t know dick about patent law and really know less about how that all works over seas. I think the question is who did it first and are the other factories copy cats. Also are theses vendors just middle men/brokers or do they really work for these factories


That is fine, we will take a factory video tomorrow for yall Future420 friends


Trading companies will take pictures on the factory floor all the time to trick ppl.


We need a video. Lol. Makes it a little harder.

By the way. Nice marlin catch.

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Only way I’ll believe it is if you do the crc shuffle on the Factory floor


Once again for me I guess it’s about being transparent. How many “original ceramic carts manufacturers” are really out there and are any of them actually legally entitled to sling shit on the others that are just copying them

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Im a federally registered ape and am thus LEGALLY OBLIGATED to sling shit. Here is my liscence;



Can’t agree anymore on transparency . Personally I don’t think it matters if you are the real factory or a distributor/trading company. People will still buy from you if you offer the trustworthy service at reasonable price. @qma has such a good reputation on distributing cartridges because of his knowledge and responsive.

Things become annoying if everyone post some photos and claim” our cartridge is the best cartridges “. Best becomes cheap in this case. Rounds of spam are more annoying T .I did post serval spam ( two ) thread too ( already in the echo chamber). I personally hope cart business people do not make this community a free advertising web.


LOL. Edited for wrong spelling

Ya’ll using Cerall/ECAP Tech for your atomizer mfg, correct?


Yes. Sir. Cerall ( also known as ecap) produce both ceramic coil and ceramic cartridges. Cerall ‘s ceramic coil cost double then others. They do have a reliable quality.


They’ve been solid for me. The coil on their own units are at least double the size of any other Ive cracked open. Sounds like they’ve been in the ceramic mfg game for some time before the cannabis cart market emerged.

Have you been to their mfg facilities?

Yes. We visit them every season. And they would visit us sometime. They also customize some coil for us. There are tons of coil factory here at much lower cost. But we did not switch. We are not a big client of cerall/ ecap , one reason we do not develop full ceramic cartridges is because we don’t want to compete with them.


Thanks for sharing!

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To my understanding their full ceramic cartridges is the only baked one ( no cotton) on the market.