Who's the licensed vape manufacturer

During the past months ,all Chinese vape companies are struggling to get the tabacoo license,which we discussed last December.

There is probably more then 7000,not including those retail store , companies applied the license ,and about 400 of them got approved till late August.The latest data is not known yet. And the deadline is closing, the National tabacoo bureau told they’ve complete all licences approving on existing vape companies and they warned all companies without license can’t deal with vape business starting from Oct 1st

This would change the vape game ,some big players,like ccell got 6 license already while many small and medium size entities did not get.

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We got the license, opening the bank account of everbright bank and China Merchants bank, the single day will use the everbright bank, the double day use the China merchants bank.

The Chinese tobacco bereau also trained us how to use the unit transction platform, every order need to backup and follow the rules of exporting country.

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What are the exporting rules?

Same as for fentanyl


So ‘regulated’

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Exporting vape need to backup.

Boshang already got the license

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All the exporting vape products need to backup on the China Tobacco Bureau online system.


Sounds like an excellent time to make american vapes. If we face only 1 government hurdle vs 2

when he said backup he meant to file / put on record when exporting vape products

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lmao , not that challenge as fentanyl, just apply required exporting files on the system,the regulation is more on nicotine products

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I think that was more of a jab at the overall view how easy it is to bring in chinese goods under misguided descriptions into the US. Especially the goods that kill.
Hell you should see how many powders look a like and have much less hassle. :thinking:

Golden triangle supplies more than all of china by my opinion.

Ultimately our import process is responsible for its own failures. Nobody here is stressing if youre being legit with your government. Knowing your state isnt with ours lol

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the definition on a lot of control substance are different among China and US, that is complicated too . Fentanyl was listed as regular chemical compound in China before 2016, and it’s strictly regulated now

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Wild ^___^