Who's a seed hoarder? Maybe i am!

So the BOG thread had me thinking… Who else is a seed hoarder… I really didnt realize i was collecting soo many back in the days. We all would work on our own projects and just trade.

Seems like i collected quite a few during the days of running imaginary grow on a deserted island some where in brumuda triangle. But seriously. I didnt realize how many strains people really desired until today…

I figured we could share seed list and see where this thread goes… its gonna take a while to catelog all mine but im sure a lot of you are more organized that me… i never really collected them… I really had planned to run all these… but once i had super elite cuts that were so good… it was hard to rotate in seeds… now i got a box full!

Less see some of your hoarders list… i know im not nearly even a bad one here… i know some of you are some real seed buyers… ive never spend more that $20 for 10 seeds in my life. :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Rip bog and subcool


I have a collection of beans over the past 8yrs. I hate popping beans, it take a certain “pickle” character to remind me I may have some keepers to try out.

I have a Tupperware full of packs in the fridge.

9lb hammer x mother tounge grows fast! They go in next round. I guess I could sex them real quick and toss the dudes.


This is my fairly current collection, only grew a couple times in TX a decade+ ago

Gmo x onycd is probably the next hunt


i used to like to give seeds to the homies and let them find the moms… then grab a few cuts… im lazy!

back then… you use to have to send money orders and shit to amsterdam… seed buying was always a gamble. it was just easier to give what i was getting for free and look at what they were growing all the time…


I respect this


Here’s a few years from 2006-2015. All for research purposes


Me, me I got a seed problem. Bean fiend and hoarder checking in over here lol. What’s this like AA for us lol. This is within the 1.5-2yrs. The Older packs are else where in a chest cooler for safe keeping. Yep I know I’m an addict :man_shrugging:

@Killa12345 that’s the old school train of thought right there. Hook up our buddies with the new gear. They give back any keepers, all while we keep main rooms pumping with :fire:. Shit we all win then. Team work baby.


Beautiful pup. Killa seed lot @Pattypan01!!


Rookie growing under 2 years

Mostly from the homes

Chinook Haze: 15 regular seeds still
Orange Special 10 regular seeds

Feminized seeds
Peanut butter breath F1: 10
PBBx POTgrapes
PBB x Cherry Garcia
London Pound Cake X Kush Mintz

Bermuda Triangle
Ghost Toof
White Grape F2
Sour Bubbly x Deep Blue C

Grown them all at least 1 plant


share them like I do.

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most of us cant be popping as many seeds as we have. All i ask is a cut of the killer phenos. Some people have greenhouses and can put them on an edge and have employees watch closely for hermies- id never offer seeds i know are hermie prone. If my seed that i collected and brushed on wih the walmart paint brush and flour finds its way into a first time growers hands thats even better.

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whats funny to me is the old seed auctions-= many strains sold for thousands for ten m/f seeds. And NONE are famous now unless the names just changed.

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I’m hoarding cbd hemp seeds, in case I ever go hungry and need a nutritious snack.


ill trade all my genes if anyone has a pack of bros grim gear from back then.

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I definitely have access to the bros Grimm stock and might have at one point considered buying 30% of it. I know duke and soul had a falling out and Melvin was looking for someone to buy 30% of the whole genetic library and legal rights to the name.

Whatcha want and whatcha got???


Still one of the best packs ever circa 2002 bros grimm c99 via heavens stairway. Shit put me through college. I don’t think the duke soul combo produced anything on the level of early grimm work.


I was always too cheap to buy bros Grimm seeds back then. I would buy Joey weed version s of them. And a lot were fire. If I recall right the princess cut c99 was the elite cut of c99 back then… seen it passed around not too long ago.


Is this the same c99 that’s in vortex?

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I’m lazy too. I love sending seeds to folks and getting cuts in return.