Whoever makes delta 8 disty slabs is wack af

I don’t remember if I threw out the fake distillate from last year. I’ll go looking.

I bet if someone sends some to DAF he will dab that shit up for IG likes :crazy_face:


Please, for the love of god, don’t dab it! We’d like to keep you around a bit longer.

Edit: @Baked-All-Day, that’s a great idea! Maybe if you find it, you can send some out west, @Killa12345. :rofl:

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I was lucky enough to be able to return them. But apparently dude has sold a lot and will continue selling them. One day itll be to the wrong person and it won’t be as simple as cashing out.


Hemp derived delta 8 is going to get scheduled because of this tomfoolery real quick. As soon as they hear there’s money being made on the black market because of a loophole it’s all over. Only a matter of time til some young college kids wind up in the hospital from pine resin in the delta 8 and a whole investigation is underway that will push for the hemp THC regs to be even more strict. I would not build a business model around delta 8 right now.


And there it is. The nail in the coffin. We ain’t in Kansas anymore ladies and gentlemen. Boof flower, boof disty, boof slabs. The hempocolypse has cast its shadow upon the already black market. Damn 2020, what else you got to throw at the world!?!?!?!

Where is our obi one? Our skywalker OG? The guardians of the light? This shit is straight tragic.

I pay taxes in this racket, but it hurts us all either way.

Good news is, I’ve decided to move my attention towards a comic book series about a renegade enforcer who dons a mask and begins cleaning up the cannabis black market of all these fuck boys.

Any ideas for a name???


The mask should just be a micron bag. Name? I suggest ‘the remediator’. Sounds intimidating.
Can I also suggest that ‘the remediator’ have a sidekick named Quincey(not married to the name). Quincey could be a sentient ball of mixed gases that can shift its phases and change its polarity. You could have a cool origin story for Quincy with accidental discovery/lab explosion; open blasting and gama rays or neutrinos.


Wookman and his trusty sidekick Rosin


I like where your heads at!


I do believe that the hero need be the headiest of wooks. With super powered dreads and healing crystals. One of the many fuckboy bad guys can be the grim boofer of whom used to be hero’s best friend until he went down a k hole of evil!


Because of the way the farm bill is written (and the fact it’s been signed into law) you’d need congress, the senate and the president to sign the billing changing the definition of hemp

I dont see that happening, if anything states will outlaw d8 from hemp


Did you take photos? Pictures are a good starting point to help people avoid these.

Also is 2000 low for shatter rn?

I had a hemp client ask if people are making slabs from hemp, he said it doesn’t get them high. He’s pissed because he paid 1800 per lb. I told him, I don’t even know about that market but that seems extremely low, next question was is this in new Jersey? He answered yes. So he’s buying fake slabs im new Jersey for 1800. Duh




Paying taxes is contributing materially to a terrorist organization.
In New York State, the only legal grows are owned by big businesses. While patients are prohibited from producing their own affordable medicine.


One way to clean up the cannabis black market would be to burn the hemp fields.
Edit. I call it careorism


Check out gAuge green on IG, they have all the special gems and minerals that are in harmonic resonance with the eternal baphomet wook that adds 30%+ thc and 6 million percent yield. They may be the wook protege in which you seek. Think black painted finger nails too


This mighty Quincey deserves his own series of comics. :heart:

The issues with these “frelated” products, is not only the d9/d8 substitution, it is also the fact that p-tosylic acid seems to be the most popular reagent for such synthesis. Having leftovers of such thing in a finished slab is not good at all. :grimacing::skull_and_crossbones:


These look better than the candle wax looking boofshit I got almost a year and a half ago. The homies are lucky I snuck a dab or they would have got the candlewax special without the prospect of returns.