Who makes your favorite hydrocarbon extraction system. What makes it your favorite over others?

Who makes your preferred hydrocarbon extraction system for the amount of material you need to run?

What features or other factors make it the best in your opinion?


Best Customer service. Small scale extractions


5 lb machine?

What features do you like on it?

Do you prefer compression or threaded fittings?

Passive or active recovery?


Who makes the best motor vehicle?


koenigsegg probably

Hard to argue with their cars when every time they make a car it performs better in every aspect than anything else on the market


But, you see my point, right?

That question is too big. The right car for you isn’t the right car for me. Same with extractors. There are so many variables. Scale, features, budget (sometimes the best one for someone is one they can afford), automation, ability to add columns, compliance, solvent load . . . .


I was looking for opinions. Sorry if the title was misleading. I’ll fix it.

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These are all great qualities to mention as to why one would be better than another.

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Not if fuel economy and cost of long-term ownership are your variables when considering “best” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i personally think Bizzybee makes the best and nicest shit but it comes at a major cost. I think a lot of us smaller people are chasing that as the benchmark at least i am.


What are your favorite features on the BZB systems?


i dont think there is anything on a bizzybee system i cant implement so none of that impresses me more than the craftmanship which is what really separates people in this industry. China has ASME certified welders. Its only a matter of time before they offer something ASME rated for 1/3 of the current price and the dominos will fall.


your systems are better due to jacket port size

Do you feel that BZB lacking in-house fabrication is a detriment?

Do you prefer Chinese fabrication over American? Is it a price issue?


i prefer scales of economy. China has much cheaper material cost and labor cost. Its only a matter of time before a few of them really start to shake up the market.


Maybe if we had an Extractor Wars I’d tell you my opinion ^.^

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You don’t need to change a thing. You got us talking. This is great.

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Custom machines will always beat off the shelf.


Were I shopping for equipment, I would have the following:

  1. Budget
  2. Capacity (Daily throughput)
    Can this scale up over time?
  3. Lead time (is that a thing anymore?)
  4. Features List
    Solvent Recovery (Active/Passive)
    Footprint and layout v my available space
    Component construction (Name brand valves and fittings)
    Compliance Status and Documentation
    Automation options
    Price, lead-time and availability on specific consumable supply for sock filters, replacement parts etc.
  5. Customer Service- try before you buy. Call them, over and over, and at off times. What is the response like? Do they pick up? Call back? If they aren’t bright eyed and bushy tailed before you buy, run!
    Standard Parts or are they all custom and exotic?
  6. More Esoteric Criteria
    Business Practices
    Longevity outlook-will they be in business for 5 years?
    Overall Vibe of the Company
    Country of Origin
    Dog-friendly office :wink:

In my experience using cots parts from multiple suppliers and going to a fabricator for one or two custom components to complete the build is the way to go. No green tax that way.