Who makes the best pre roll machine?

What do you rbi k about hefestus aurus?

Sad to hear about your rig from sorting robotics not living up to expectations

Love that man. We are more than likely going to be sourcing a machine this year, so you guys will be hearing from me!

Right on! When you do reach out tell them Johnathan sent you, and I’ll make sure you get hooked up properly. :wink:


What machine is this? Sounds interesting

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Hey @Hashoholic

We have V3.0 Edition Pre Roll Machine with 3*Hopper Design.

We have been to Las Vegas show and studied competitor machine as well.
Price bascially over 250k+ its heavy cost for start production.

1:Material is sticky (its different with hemp).2mm particle will be better.
2:Empty Paper Cone,We suggest customer will using Raw KingSize Cones and Element Cone.
3:If you need OEM LOGO We can do as well to support.
4:Dutch Fold or Twist Fold Currently Dutch Fold is Popular now in USA and Europe.
5:Tight and Good Shape is very important for customer marketing sales.
6:We can make solution for your demand for pre roll joints plan.

Welcome talking more about pre roll joints demand.

Automated Pre-Roll Machine.pdf (114.7 KB)

Ive seen so many of these just sitting in warehouses all over the USA, unused.

Most people try them a few times and give up.



Pretty awesome new unit just hit the scene:


I mean… at only a billion dollars, I can’t see anyway to lose…It will even roll pocket lint! I need to find a couple bros named Skylar or Chad to help me with their parents money tho. I think they will bite when i explain about the 48 casters and how this unit can just be tractored around from super boof farm to super boof farm. Plus with the built in microwave we’ll never have to worry about taxes, as profits won’t be an issue! Chess not checkers! Midsmasters watch out for this beast.


This thing is a sure bet! I know a guy named Chad Skyler, I’ll put you in touch! haha

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Man I’d like to get ahold of one of those

You really do, man! What state do you operate in?

I love our PreRoll ER. Procepak has been super helpful and their warranty is good for literally anything but consumables… including wook damage (within reason).

Customizable tooling so you can roll any size/product you want. Anyone can run it, anyone semi-responsible can manage settings. We have hit rates up to 1400/hr.

I fear that they look different than a cone and people always prefer the thing they know which in 2024 is a cone

I was impressed with it, love how the paper comes on rolls

Are the paper rolls proprietary?

If so sounds like a problem if there’s ever shortage/supply issues. PreRollER will let you use any brand/size of cones with a few adjustments.

i think i got yours confused with another brand

I don’t work for/with them, I just use their machine and it’s been helpful for us. Took a team on the knockbox all day to get the same numbers this machine can do in 2 hrs.