Who has a good old, hill story. Or has sat in the woods for a season.

Once rolled my quad on a farm, sandwich me between a tree. Broken ribs an could barely walk, still had to work an water 3 greenhouse. Was only one working. :joy::mountain::hammer:


The mighty hill life … only the real ones survive . Rainy season , top of a steep hill, 24ft uhaul full , pouring rain = bad idea lol


So myself and the old lady stay the night at grow #2… in a tent ofc. Wake up the next morning and take very first cuts of the season from a lovely GT dragon. We load the garbage bag and the two precious doofy vicious attack dogs in the back of a Chevy s10 that was left at the farm by my old boss. No plates insurance registration lol dirty af.

Get to gettin down the road and sure as shit officer pushbroom selek wannabe happens to be stopped on the road in front of us. I try to whistle a nonchalant tune as I drive past but he flags us down and pulls us out of the truck. Apparently they were pursuing a hippy that had taken off from a property they were hassling.

The usual questions begin, "who what when where"stolen truck line of questions. They pull a Tupperware of bubble hash from my gfs backpack, “is this medicine?” The gf begins to mouth off hard, gotta love a lady with a tude. … Officer no.2 starts creeping towards the window and I’m sure he can smell the fresh cuts… he gets about a foot from the window and the k9000 dogger alarm goes off on him fierce.

I then have to explain how the truck belonged to a buddy and we were using it to drive the hill and find “trim work”. He eventually figured out that he had arrested the owner of the truck on warrants a month prior and luckily drops the stolen line of questions.

At this point they start hassling a different set of growers over the wellhead and pump setup visible from the road and let us go. Relief was extra sweet, can’t get busted on a GTA directly after only taking FIRST CUTS off one plant; for shame!

Moral to the story? Keep your cool on your person and some adorable pit bulls in the vehicle at all times. :wink: Gotta love my k9 security team.

Don’t miss the sketchy days but will always treasure them for sure.


I got followed deep into national forest by a neighbor way down the road he cut and pulled a tree across the road to trap us in . Had to call a homie to get the chainsaw and we were out of there in no time . We thought it was a set up or case job on our property.


Damn that’s sketchy, I’ve heard tales of people getting trapped in like that… luckily we kept to ourselves and a low profile.

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure I’ve had “trimmers” that were just casing my spot for various nefarious other parties…

I guess they didn’t like my defense network lmao


That’s sketchy as hell. You’re right though, best thing you can do is breathe and think happy thoughts when your that close to being in cuffs.

I got a fun gardening story for you.

This past Sunday, while working in the garden I had a pair of trim scissors hanging in a Home Depot shelving unit by the handle, so the blades are sitting facing out and open. Well I turned in front of the pair of scissors, and took the lower blade to the webbing of my ring and middle finger. The blade didn’t just cut me, it buried itself down into my hand, all 2” on a pair of orange handled fiskars.

When this happened, I was in the middle of topping off my rdwc and had to stay for 45 more minutes while I kept grabbing paper towel after the next. Doing everything to keep blood from hitting the water.


Ooooof man well I hope you learned your lesson that’s rough. I’m all about safety first although I may have once cut myself real bad trying to use a combat knife to cut pvc. :rofl:

Gotta learn when life teaches or have a high pain tolerance.


Coming down the road to my property you had to cross a sketchy one lane bridge. Underneath is the America river. It was raining. My Passenger saw a random yellow rag being waved. Only a passenger could have seen it. By the time we hiked down there the girl was coming in and out of consciousness. Her leg was visibly broken. Her head was bleeding. She had slipped down the cliff. Had to get air lifted out. Craziest thing I saw living on that property.

Honorable mention: deer on the roof, bear pokes its head in my window while I’m sleeping.


Wen i turned 18 (over 10 years ago) I left michigan and went to ukiah CA. oh the dreams I had lol to be a kid again. My buddy had an uncle in the angels, were were on, young and dumb with a trunk fulla cali. Iv ben the northern route. The southern route.through the Arizona desert and the mountains of colorado. I’ve had my dreams come true, and thought I was gunna die. I remember my freind from school got shot in the neck over a half pound. Just wanna shout out to anyone who playd the game and made it🤙


I was sleeping a few weeks ago in my tent. I couldn’t sleep so I was doing bong hits. I left the bong right by my head. Around 4am I got woken up by my tent being imploded by a bobcat coming at my head. My bong took the weight like a champ, and prevented the full impact of the cat from my head. I started screaming and swinging my bong and it booked it as soon as it realized I was bigger than it thought.

A few broken and bent pole sections and a shredded rain fly, a fracture in my bong, but I was unharmed


Digging a giant hole in the road so camp couldnt bring the trucks to confiscate the equipment


Dammn @CreativeAlias story is scary!!! Glad you made it…

Had a “pro” come cutt a tree for more light… Chopped it nearly crushed my bathhouse and me if I didn’t run from under it!! landed on the edge of a hill… he chopped the wrong limb!!! It rolled down the hill another limb caught his shirt and slingged this 245lb man 30 feet down a cliff out of my sight chainsaw flying through the air towards him… I run to help … his whole forehead was peeled to his ears!!! Don’t mess with them trees…

Big suv Full to the brim in plants! Hayfork to Salyer… Take the backwoods 45 min narrow dirt route to avoid driving through HOT ass Weaverville!!.. Guess who pops up in the middle of route going opposite direction!? SHIET!!! 5-0… Three black males at the wrong place wrong time!! In order to pass him we had to slow down to 2 mph and squeeze by him. As soon as we passed each other I hit it like a rally racer off PlayStation… Super super scary moment back in the day…

Some folks will never know the mountain life…

Happy Holidays!


Not a hill story, but amazing cannabis story, @Sparky75 had me thinking about this lately.

The couple that owned the property I lived/worked at (non cannabis) were part of the whole WAMM raid, they were a quiet older couple who didn’t support rec cannabis at all, but would share stories about their back in the day medical experiences from time to time(they knew about my other job). I was at their home for a weekend putting in plumbing and drainage and a retaining wall etc.

Over dinner she began telling stories of her grandson Jeffrey and how she got into cannabis. About spending her free time making coconut oil capsules in her kitchen, being on montel Williams and 20/20. Years of formulating cannabis that worked for their grandson. Fighting the county for custody over their decision.

She told me stories of WAMM getting raided, and their strain getting destroyed in the raid. Of the members blocking the feds from leaving, the sheriffs department facilitating negotiations for the release of the couple who’s property was raided. The embarrassment of all but one LEO as they left, driving past all the coop members. About distributing their meds on the steps of the courthouse afterwards.

It’s the holidays, and I’m grateful to those who truly struggled to get where we are today.

My partner, and mother of my children had cancer as a child, it’s a cloud that looms over my head as a real possibility. We just had a scare. the Jeffries motivated me to focus more on extraction and to learn more about cannabis than just getting stoned.

  • The classic Bulgarians with their Escalades trying (and failing) to kidnap our Hmong trimmers. Those women are my favorite people in the world - extremely generous, hardworking, tough, and fun.

  • Boss orders a steel building, it’s delivered on a flatbed semi. The driver made it 45 minutes through the off-highway narrow dirt roads, but got stuck on a hill on our property. He FREAKS out as he’s never been to the woods before. He refuses to eat any food we give him and stays in his truck for 3 days. His wife starts calling random fire+police departments in our county, when there’s not either dept in our town. We for some reason try to drag it out with a small skidsteer UNDER the trailer. Neighbor with a large tractor gets it out finally.

  • Reports of bears and mountain lions tearing up trimmer’s tents nearby. We see a few mountain lions at night and start going up & down the hill strapped to the gills. When nobody gets attacked after 2 days we downgrade to axes, shovels, and then just random pieces of scrap metal/wood.


I was gonna post come on guys we need more hill stories . I went to bed then checked this and was like fuck yeah !!! All i gotta say is fuck yeah state of Jefferson and shout out to everyone living the hill life cause its the real one for me . I can not stand living in the city i fell in love with the hill life . Merry christmas guys ! All the cat and bear stories touch the bottom of my heart. Good ol norcal and southern oregon .


The time the neighbors sparked while clearing for a fence


@Saucyslabz hell yeah man respect.

I feel like the hill is what made us, it definitely separated the men from the boys. I’m glad some of us are still in the trenches. I went from patient placards faced so the chopper could see to million dollar greenhouses and here I am again back on a hill, more excited to grow some weed than I have been in years.

It’s my version of the American dream


Nothing like driving on the 16


ahhhh, I miss my hill days. Although, last time I was up on a hill 3 or 4 years ago, my boss was killed by his help because he refused to pay anyone. I was out of there at this point, but hill life is pretty insane


I do miss the hill sometimes! Mountain time was so relaxing to work on. Miss the carefree alternative lifestyle up there. Don’t have any stories that are too crazy, except for all the damn bears that used to come into my grow when I would be checking the ladies at night. Ahh good old alder point.