Who else thinks it's stupid that a TL 3 or above can lose there the trust level.... new poll halfway down I screwed the first one up was confusing..about post 51 new poll

So like the title says I wanna do a pole who else thinks it’s stupid that a TL 3 can lose their status by just getting a lil busy w life. bc my overall stats are tl3 approved but there system seems bonkers

like at grass city I achieved the Old School tag and will always be one

esp when I bet a TL 4 can do the same thing and not lose there honored badge…
it’s like an Indian giver if u ask me

so what you think…

Should a TL 3 and above be stripped of there title just getting a lil busy or once it’s recieved you’ve earned it congrats…but only TL 3 and above
  • Yes
  • No

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I trust u <3


it’s just TL4 can take months vacation come back and still TL4

love the leaders to death but I know of 2 that was gone for while aka busy not turning their back on F4200


Lol just giving you shit :wink:



I don’t give a shit about my trust level. Trust level Homie in real life. That’s all that matters to me. Fuck internet clout.


oOoOO ppl about to get mad Bc I’m about to stir tha pot with this one and I might be wrong but…

Hey @sidco…what’s @Future stats compared to a TL 3…is he true TL 3 stats at least…and not no he’s TL 5 (bc it’s his site )I wanna know if he kept up w the stats required to be a TL 3?

I’ll probably get jumped at our first gang meeting I attend for this one he already has badass super hero real name



Fuck a level 3.


I know but I’m the guy that will argue something I believe in even if it’s stupid I lost a few friends bc they thought I was know it all…to bad they didn’t realize I am

@Pupparoo I’m assuming we’re both just members also? damn us


I can see the merits of either way. It does seem easy to lose, but it’s also not too hard to regain. Last month I didn’t realize that I had lost regular status until I received a notification telling me I had just earned regular status.

It does take a good bit of time, reading, posting, and dedication to the forum to attain regular status. It also takes a good bit of those things to keep the status. So yeah, it kinda sucks when it goes away due to slightly less than normal activity here.

On the other hand, if a regular goes away for months, or still visits but no longer posts, it would diminish the meaning of the status for those who are more active and continually earning and re-earning their regular status.

It would be cool to see it maybe have a more lenient grace period once attained before losing it. I think one would have to do some extra special stuff to attain immortal regular status, but then again, if they aren’t really here, are they really regular? I guess I think in extremely literal terms sometimes. Even the immortal Beaker, rest his soul, is unfortunately no longer a regular, but still deserves our respect.

It can be annoying, but honestly, if you want that regular on the regular, hit up the classifieds and quick scroll through to get your stats up, start a new thread once in a while, and make some posts. I hate to encourage thumping, but if you have nothing to say, just remember, having nothing to say doesn’t prevent one from saying something.

Bottom line: I vote no.


Me and Hansel are just some basic bitches


I’ve been flooded w DMs I’ve been here but there really so I know what the rules say but still. I focused on la familia first, my Future4200 Fam

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I was a Regular. I went AFK for some time, and then I was no longer a Regular. Now I’m back, and apparently I’m a Regular again.

When I was a bartender, if someone didn’t show up for 6 months, they were no longer a “regular.”

We got back in the groove of things if they started coming in for after work beers again.

Some never came back.

They weren’t regulars there anymore. Maybe somewhere else. But not that bar.


wait are you the infamous Hansel?

BTW I’m glad pupparoo is back it’s been back a while but that switch got me a while back


Wow. Ding ding. And a few others.


Maybe we need another brand or tag that’s like grasscity use to be and if your here from the start ur an Old Skool member then I can still feel cool when this happens. I mean I still got my cool ass GLG badge but I wanna have my profile pic tatted up

I feel like I lost my light saber as Jedi and that’s gonna make me go darkside lmao

I think the tags etc are lamesauce


lmao…chicken are ya pal?

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That’s a big cock :flushed:

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omg I’m blushing… put that thing up @Pupparoo