White and Powdery Full Melt: What's the Tek?

I’ve been getting more and more into Full Melt Hash but not rosin. Just the sieved and refined stuff that looks like white powder and I have no fucking idea how to refine hash into looking that crazy.

I do realize I could youtube it but I want to know what the good people here @future4200 have to say first

Can everyone here who is experienced in making refined, white powdery looking full melt hash; Please drop your teks if not bound by NDA’s or laziness.

I am so fucking perplexed at how no chemicals used can end up super refined like that and it’s the stoner intuition in me that’s like “Well I’ve extracted cannabis like 7 different ways already and I seriously need to try this one.” :octopus: :green_heart:


Freeze dried hash or kief from fresh frozen is your best bet. You may need to do your work outside in the snow or in a super cold room. We worked in a walk in freezer lol. I’m no expert but we have made white kief before.

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Don’t let the trichome heads go over like 58 f degrees from the second they are fresh frozen until they are grammed out. Bag quality plays a big role. Lots of little tricks too keep everything cold through the process. Full melt is from material kept very cold entire time, good bags (no spots for contamination), not over agitating, and ensuring all contents of each bag have ample washing to push anything through that doesn’t catch. From there getting the water out properly is the last step. Fire in fire out applies heavily here. But bad technique and fire in garbage out haha.


Freeze dryer.

Hashy scoopy into tray

Freeze while in infinite vacuum of space like a Xenomorph (i like 35f)

Seive chunks



I no want profits, only good smokey smoke, :octopus::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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For your scale a good set off screens and using static will probably be your best bet


I have access to dry ice and a vacuum oven… Dessicants too.

How would I go about this?

Look it up, you would only need dry ice at most.

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Is that the one where you just shake the material in a bubble bag with dry ice?

You’ll find out when you look it up

That fucks up your bags and gets a lot of plant material through


So basically https://hightimes.com/grow/tricks-tips-to-make-full-melt-dry-sift-hash/amp/ ?

High times is the worst place in the world for information
Just sayin


Subwoofer, screens, vaccum and extra pliable screens to go over ur vaccum.
Subwoofer underneath the stacked screens, vacuum with 25 micron screen over the attachment.
Pulse the vac and suck out the small particles instead of trying to sieve it thru the screens


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Whoomp There it is


A mechanical lab seive and dry ice smashed up. All the way down to 120 70 and 45. 70 and 45 will full melt

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The 70 will be better quality if you throw a 90 in between the 120 and 70🤙



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