Whipping and not buddering up. Help.

Trying to whip up some stuff, I purged overnight in oven at -20 vac and 90 degrees. Didn’t want to suck all the Terps out going for a wet badder consistency. I been whipping it for 2 two days on and off heat no heat. It will look like it’s going to badder up but the bubbles separate after a few hours, is it possible to be to terpy for it to badder up? I’ve never had a problem whipping up shatter. At this point I’m just going to purge further but don’t want to suck all the Terps out for it to still not budder up. Anyone experience this before?


Just keep going… It’s never to terpy you’ll have wet batter for sure


I’d recommend purging almost completely to the point where it starts to muffin a lot, then whip it to high hell.


I’ve seen this with old material or very low thca. I whipped it months ago and to this day that jar is still there looking like distillate


It’s batches that refused to crash so I figured we would whip them up. Dang if that’s the case that sucks @Waxplug1 wonder what the hell ima now.


Blend it in with some stuff that is more of a stable badder. Whip it all together to give it some “body”


Let it sweat it out for your choice of consistency. Jar tek that shit & leave it warm for a bit after purging in the oven. Couple days on top of the oven on at 85 should have it sweating nice & them homogenize it & let it sit for two hours & see what you get.

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Thanks everyone going to try a few things.

Like @Waxplug1 said older shit that has more THC than thca it won’t be a supersaturated solution so won’t crash out


The thca/sugars is what gives it structure…you basically have HTFSE


storage plays a part on storage of the material/trim/nugs ive had 2yr old material crash diamonds faster then material harvested 2 months, but the material stored for 2yrs was vac sealed in a freezer… 2 month old just stored at 65F room temps in a sealed container (not vacced)


Takes time and is a slow whip thru out the day.


That’s the consistency I have. Got 4 different batches two of them already changed. The other two are being a little more stubborn. That color though beautiful @BG305, I’ve been having a hard time getting consistent results in my crc got a @Indofab 6in filter with sight glass on top and the bottom looks pretty bad as to be honest, I’ll have some really nice batches, and some fucked up gray as fuck batches. The only thing I haven’t tried is drying out the media. Using 100g per pou d of silica and t5 gives me alright results but silica eats up the yield like crazy. I’ve tried 100g t5 , 50g silica but still inconsistent results, when i go 100% t5 or t41 or half t5 half t41 is when I’m more likely to get a grayish color. I’m going to try to dry out media and see what happends, most of the material we run is fresh trim from fire indoor that is put in freezer within a day or two.

I am running all of @Killa12345 SS right now. Is depends on what the customer wants. If I am looking for 0 color I go heavy on the powders. Running 7 #'s of biomass hot, I run 400g of silica and 600g of T5.


400g of silica, 600g of t5 per 7#'s of material correct? How’s the yield loss looking? Also how much solvent are you passing through the 7#'s? Trying to dial this is in. Sorry for all the questions.

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50 #'s of Solvent. I did a second pass on some material for R&D and my yield was 1g of goo.


Awesome going to give it a try. Thanks i really appreciate it.

Can you explain the process a bit more before you get to the whipping part? @BG305 that looks beautiful.

…extract cold… done…then, Whip it and whip it good


Simple enough thanks for the quick reply @StoneD. What temp is your chiller getting the gas down to? In other words how cold