Where to buy filter plates for a standard tri-clamp connection?


I have been looking into upgrading from a standard buchner funnel setup to a pressurized filtration system. I always like to look into the option of DIY’ing stuff like this rather than shelling out the cash for something I could have put together myself. I have a bunch of 6" x 6" spools that I would like to stack with a filter plate between each so each stage of filtration happens in sequence at one time. The only problem is: I don’t know where to buy these or if they even exist. Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere? The idea is that there would be three spools stacked up with micron filters/media beds decreasing in size as it goes through each spool, then a customized cap on the top to push compressed air through the apparatus. At the bottom I would drill a hole for an outlet to run ahose to a collection vessel. Any help with this hair-brained idea would be much appreciated!




USALabs and Beaker&Wrench make pressure filters that are pretty awesome.


Do these just fit down inside a standard spool? Curious how I could stack these… maybe some small supports to hold each disk in place?


just take a long section of spool and slide these down, layer your filter aids in between. imagine a 5 layer dip lol!


Basically and easy way to make giant steel flash cartridges.




ahhh so no need for headspace in the lower stages then? that makes sense. Maybe I’ve overcomplicated my idea here.


It will keep the bed compact too.


Check out @scientific710 on IG

They make a TC clamped power packer.


That thing is awesome! I’m curious if it would impede flow being packed that densely but I am super interested!


If you use silica 60, available at Carbon Chem :wink: , the spherical silica will not clog. You should be able to use MagSilPR, Alumina, or DE as well.


oh so you’re saying to use this thing for packing the filtration media?


Yeah. They designed it for packing trim, but it would be just as good at packing filter media. Hell…if they built a flow tube down the packing arm it would turn your column into a Dynamic Axial Chromatography column.


That would be big pimpin’ for sure! I hate taking shit apart!


N.b Oler on instagram makes awesome stainless filter plates that work for pressurized filtration


In ebay type whatever inch u need tri clamp filter plate


Id double check the diameter of your stack, I just ordered rings from Amazon and they didn’t fit.


That’s why I get tri clamp style like this

No way that’s not fittings


I was getting extra insert rings and plates to slide inside my 6” filter stack. Was trying to save a few bucks so bought off eBay instead of Best Value Vacs which is where I bought the 6” filter stacks. I new better but thought it was worth it since it was $13 on Amazon vs $65 on Best value Vacs