Where to buy filter plates for a standard tri-clamp connection?


the TC clamped power packer is amazing looking but 12k to pack and unpack a column is something very large scale can even contemplate unfortunately.

The first thing i thought was to get a $50 long ram jack and with a little welding /cutting/bolting you could use force to pack but it wouldn’t use hydraulic force to retract the ram and then there is the hydraulic fluid contamination issue.


How hard do u pack material columns without losing anything…is live the same?

I usually barely pack live and give dry pretty good body weight…

My favorite thing to pack w my $2 pack rod I mocked off bvv $100 packing rod

SS washer the size ur column…braized on threaded rod from the isle next to it at most hardware stores


The packing rod u describe here i call a trick of the trade Nice :grinning:


I just ordered one of these:

with these filters

the quality is good. i havent ran with it yet but after seeing it i realized i want a second one. My plan is to place one on the bottom of my material column as a end cap essentially and then take the second one, connect it on my recovery tank and Buchner funnel style run some celite 545 through it and make a puck. I figure the first one will stop 99% of stuff and the second one with the Celite 545 will catch any small stuff and because it has an 11 micron pre-filter via the filter plate stacked above it i should be able to keep the same celite 545 puck for many runs is my hope.


you might wanna return that filter plate and find one with a clip or buy some filter plate rings to keep your filters from lifting.


I wont need a clip if i’m vac pulling a celite puck from a slurry. The puck will hold everything in place just like it does in the Buchner funnel.


The slurry loading might not work, try drypacking and vibrating like @Beaker does for his dcvc runs. closed loop systems are hard on a filter bed, especially through pressure swings. make sure to check your product for celite, severe lung damage from inhalation.


Knew someone else here would be building their own pressure filter. I’m thinking a 24” long 6” diameter spool, a 6” to 1.5” cap, a 10 micron stainless filter plate from N.B. Oler, a 6”-1.5” bowl reducer, and a 1.5” to 1/2” barbed elbow to attach tubing to collection vessel. All to be pushed at ~ 50psi. Anyone see issues with this? The filtration media would just be bentonite clay with carbon on top. Could that just be packed on top of the stainless filter, or would it have to be sandwiched between another filter?


A Company called Mott makes sintered filtration discs that come in 316 SS and a variety of other alloys. They make then in sizes down to 0.2 micron and I have used then inline, sandwiched between I-line clamp fittings. The Company offers a tremendous amount of sintered filtration products and the beauty is they can be cleaned and reused.


Do you have a link to their site or IG?