Where do you shop for used equipment?

Aaron equipment has been sending me emails about centrifuges for a couple of years now, even though I haven’t actually purchased anything from them.

then I noticed a picture from this listing https://www.aaronequipment.com/usedequipment/cannabis-equipment/extraction-and-processing-equipment/11252104 in our classifieds.

not sure when Aaron added a cannabis specific section, but it’s there, and warrants exploration if you’re looking for used equipment.


edit: ten min after I post this, their site is non-responsive :slight_smile:


I used to like Labx.com for used lab gear. Not specific to cannabis.


I always found there to be a lot of teasers on labx. You call about a cheap old unit and get the whole “we just sold that but if you tell us your budget we’ll sell you something 10 years old for more than it costs new”.

eBay and Craigslist of course but we also buy a bunch of stuff off bidspotter when it works out.


I love university auctions!


That sucks.

What are you going to do, brokers need to catch a customer somehow I guess. Doesn’t stop me from trying but it is a real pain in the ass to get your time wasted like that.

I always do a quick search through Ebay, LabX, Equipnet, Here, Craigslist, then of course just google.

I’ve gotten some pretty cool stuff and made some pretty interesting friends buying gear off of Craigslist.

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I have a side hustle buying new old stock and good surplus industrial equipment and helping people do the same. DM me if ure looking for something specific maybe i can help u find it