Where do i buy thcp?

please contact me

I don’t think anyone has it. Maybe a few institutional research labs, if someone were to find a source, isolate it then analyze it, maybe possible. I’ve been wanting to start a project looking for it.

tell me more about this project?


comment for positioning :slight_smile:

I found this website https://altd9.com/blog/

Appears altD9 is just offering a 5mg mixture of d8/d9?

Cayman offers an analytical reference standard: https://www.caymanchem.com/product/30171/δ9-thcp

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Pure CBDP has both thcp and cbdp. Email me at julie@purecbdp.com

you sell canniboids? says so right on the main page…

Are you a grammar Nazi now? Unlike you I am often typing fast from my phone so I don’t have all day to set around and pick at people like you. Cannabinoids. Ok asshat?

orthography =/= grammar

Is this all because John won’t collaborate with you? You seem to have a lot of time on your hands? Maybe if THCP interests you so much, you should make some yourself?

… which was never brought up by anyone John, you know that