What's the least "reddening" winterizing alcohol?


I usually run methanol for winterizing for my distillate products; but I’ve been asked for some lower grade crude to be made into honey oil, and I’ve noticed that methanol makes the solution quite red, and I can’t really pull the color out without distillation.

Curious if acetone, ethanol, or isopropyl yields different results.

I’ve noticed ethanol isn’t as bad, curious if we’ve got a theory behind it, and what might work better.

I won’t need to completely dewax, looking for a nice combination of color and some clarity.


I have used warm ethanol with activated carbon and that worked pretty well. Ill see if I can find a picture of it after the buchner funnel.

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Use this:

It works well, every time. You want an ethanol dabbable, this is the way.


Still a little but red but it came out pretty yellow when it was finished. Note this is from like 2 years ago.

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I grabbed some etoh, will mix in some AC and see what happens

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Should you not just Degum it again?

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It was some warm extracted butane crude that isn’t see through, trying to just turn it into something clear for them. I feel like alcohol should boot out most of whatever’s in there.

Filter over a bed of T5 and hardwood AC while the tincture is cold (three passes over the same bed), and it will get all of the unwanted color out. Not the fastest process, but like I said, it works.