Whats the best vacuum grease on the market?


Whats the best vacuum grease on the market?

cheapest and most effective (-40F to 500F)

experiencing micro leaks and operation isn’t at full vacuum

Please help!


distillate!!! i use distillate for most of my joints, both cold and hot. also you cant go wrong with dow corning, its pretty ubiquitous, although i feel it doesnt handle hot joints as well. Ive used a shit load of krytox, and its greeeeaaattt, super expensive and toxic af ( polymer fume fever, look it up) but it seals up hot joints like no other.

I still stand by distillate though, its the safest and purest option imo


Dow on the BF to head, head to cow

Distillate on recieving flasks


What about the mantle to distillation head for a 5L short path distillation kit?

distillate will burn and I need a grease that will be able to with hold 260C with the last process

krytox seems to be the way to go! any preferences on the best krytox grease??


This is the worst grease on Market brother.


Apiezon h for joints that need to move or bf to head. Apiezon 501 for everything else.

Only use wan grease, and grease that holds 1mkcron or below at temp.

Dow and the other cheaper greases have a but of toxocity to them st high temps and they distill themselves I to your batch at high temps.

Dow becomes useless at 140c or above and leaks and boils off like crazy.

If you want great colors, no air leaks and grease that wont fail. Stick to apiezon.


Kryrox sold thier lone to chemours I believe. They changed thier recipe and cheaper out on manufacturing. Krytox should be avoided

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It works for my el cheapo china spd setup. Still pulling-100micron thru the entire run, and bang out 500ml 90% disty 1st pass.

Lab tests come back clean as well.


Thanks for the insight


What is wan grease, i use apezion for all hot joints dows just vanishes at high temp in my experience

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Get your stuff straight. Chemours is a spin off from Du Pont and kryptox is a brand they own. It is made in the same factory with the same exact recipe. On paper they just created a smaller company to separate liabilities away from the parent company . Manufacturing fluoropolymers is inherently very dangerous hence the change.
If you read the specs Krytox LVP has a lowest vapor pressure of any grease available. Having said that the grease you recommended is just as good. The difference is minimal between them.


Dows Corning is food grade as long as you dont get it over 180c.

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What you just said isn’t true, it’s a stupid story the sales person pitched you.
Chemours isn’t by any means making krytox in the same machines or building.
Krytox only serves its purpose at about room temp or luke hot. As the temperature goes up the vacuum starts to leak.

You would know this if you had a helium leak detector like I do at my disposal to make these tests.

Krytox is a cheap inbred sister who can’t keep her blow hole closed when she gets hot and bothered. Apiezon is like a classy 5000 dollar bj hooker who gets paid up front and never opens her mouth.

You can claim both are the same, but they clearly are not. Apiezon will hold at 220c at or below 1 micron and we’ve had it at 130c hold 11 scale on a detector. Krytox cannot. It only holds at luke hot temps and then loses vacuum once it heats up

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It starts to degrade before that I think. It boils off its own blending compounds - look down is common it’s just not preferred for hot temps.

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Krytox qc went down 50% in the last couple years and they don’t even blend them properly - I’ve had more tubes come separated by compounds than I’ve ever had come mixed properly twoards the end. So we switched


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