Whats an L and how much THC can someone roll in a joint/blunt


80 entertaining someone who has no business here. You want reddit cuz that’s how you get reddit. I’m trying to buy equipment and perfect my methods not talk to custies.p

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My diamond doobs all burn perfect. My goal is to get it all centered so you cant see any bleed through on the paper. I also smash my diamonds to almost powder so no huge chunks.

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Crushed THC-A burns soooo nice.

Power move, the “sleeper” joint.

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Ooooooo Oooooo!

This gives me a chance to explain them “neat” physics.

So when you light your L, the cherry, or point of flame passes the heat over the material yeah? So, as you inhale, there is a point of vaporization just behind the cherry, this heat also causes the lighter oils to start to move with the vapor path. And causes your roach weed.

I always thought that was pretty neat to think about.

Turns out the most cave man way to consume the stuff has some of the most advanced physics.

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An L is most definitely a Liter of disty

But…in smoking flower terms, the l was a blunt bc how it resemble a lowercase L---- l

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if I were elected to trust level 4 i would ban killa from coining terms


I just smoke a bong, bowl or dab.

Y’all going overkill just dab your concentrates and smoke ya flower and hash in joints and glass

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That just doesn’t do it for me.

There are levels. I need more.

To each their own though. I wouldn’t tell you your under doing it…. :wink:


I’ve been dabbing again recently…

My dabs are getting fatter each rip

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I always thought that an L was a “lid”, or hippy slang for an ounce. I remember it also being slang for blunts. However, I think I have always referred to blunts as blunts. I vividly remember having my dad buy me Phillies when I was under 18.

L as hippy slang was always acid to me lol.

When talking about Ls in quantity it has been Liters…

The fact yall got nick names for rolling papers is kinda mids in general. Omg how did you roll this jay? Not an L? I don’t want it then… psh


I always thought that ish was so ridiculous… “i CaN oUt SmOkE yOu BrO”. Slow clap

Like that’s not a good thing, not saying digging down and dirty on a sesh ain’t fresh, but it isn’t competition, smoke to your comfort.


Nah bro. First to pass out in the hotdox gets resuscitated and a free corn dog


Also, nobody wants to be taking an L.

Old buddies back in the day called L’s losses.

And @moveweight I got a story about a buddy on that, all proud of his smoking device that let him smoke 3 doobs, I offered to hot box the car and the dude ended up puking. :rofl: boy done did it to his self.


I have to have tissues ready to blow my nose. If I don’t blow my nose in time from my first dab of the day, I’ll begin super coughing till I toss up flem.

Over here looking at edibles trying to reduce my coughing like… maybe?


Ever had an old head tell ya the line “you ain’t gonna be able to rip it like that forever”.


Maybe just… abstain for a week or two?

Nah nevermind I’m an idiot…


Waiting for a good reason (surgery lol)


We either got problems or solutions and the line between the two is, blurry at best.

That makes sense. This:

Isn’t a good reason.

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