What would y’all be willing to pay for T free D8 kilos?

Curious to see if there’s an interest in that and what the going price would be to see if it’s worth it for us to make it?


$5000, but im looking for smaller scale atm

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That’s a price you’ve seen offered by Others? We would be offering probably 1/4 kilos 1/2 kilos 3/4 kilos and then full kilos

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T-free seems like a strange appellation for Δ8THC


Well D9 T free lol


As D8 has been cleared under the regs our legal team is citing.

Since it starts from CBD


If you can keep CBD in the description your legal team might appreciate it.

Where are you placing your LOD?

How does Δ8THC respond to the field drug test LEOs are using these days (I’m betting it reads as THC)?


nah it was lower d8 and a little d9 so not exactly comparing apples to apples

And that’s for D9 at 0% and D8 at 60-70%? Or what

idk how but i ended up editing my original comment instead of replying What would y’all be willing to pay for T free D8 kilos?

So you had paid 3$/g for like 50% d8 with 10% D9?

Or what

d8 56% d9 4%

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I was going to attempt this, it’s ultra simple, and had no idea it is ‘legal since I starts from cbd’…I’ll have to look into that a bit more

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I was considering letting this go for $2500/kg but it’s darker and not very strong with too much d9.

I’m thinking about refluxing longer to get the d9 under .3% and running through crc for color and redistilling. After all that I think $3k/kg would be a realistic price.


why isn’t d8 more popular if there’s a loophole to make it

It’s hard to make complaintly is the main reason. Most people’s remediation would strip the d8 as well as the D9 from the kilo


If anyone makes D9 free D8 I’ll buy some for sure.

Edit: I haven’t come across compliant D8 before so I have no clue on pricing. I would guess at around 5k/kg

That’s what we were thinking

I have a colleague who has top shelf, high potency D8 distillate that is completely free of D9. The clarity is amazing! @CBDOKIE post your COA for the community to see please!


@Kinsmanofthesun Hit up @CBDOKIE

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