What would I need to make this system passive?

what would i need to run passive with this system? im over pumps…they suck…haha…get it…


How are you cooling your recovery currently (after the pump, before the gas tank)?

you’ll need a condenser and a way to remove heat from it.

Dry ice and iso

What if I got another recovery tank and kept it on dry ice and just went back and forth from both tanks and pushed with nitro?


Thats what i plan on doing minus the nitro. I currently use my single solvent tank to inject and then use same tank for recovery. But having a seperate tank that stays cold would definitely help speed up recovery.

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You have coils in dry ice and ISO between your pump and your tank?

You just bypass the pump. It should chug nicely if you apply enough heat to your recovery pot.

Edit: Yes you’ll need to push with nitro. And you should be able to do it all with 1 solvent tank.


And a whole shit ton of dry ice or a big chiller. Still cant get the pump to work?

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Does your solvent tank have a coil

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I am playing with the hints
@downtheterphole has been giving
And by raising the pressure in the evaporation tank By means of temp (50C)
One can get fair recovery speeds with a
-30C chiller of large capacity
Those are way cheaper
Not conclusive yet in my findings
But should not be underestimated


Way cheaper than dry ice? After I recover solvent should I drop the temp on my collection with ice water in order to run again without back pressure? Would a chiller through my tank coils suffice or do I have to run through a jacket? I’m assume I don’t need coils if I’m running passive…

how much nitro pressure would i need to dump solvent through a 6x48? do i need to burp nitro from my column, collection and tank or ??? appreciate the info

pump works fine i think passive is the way to go…what do you think?

why wouldnt you use nitro?

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My system is alot smaller so no need for me

3–1/2” recovery lines
3– coils ( 1 can be used for injection and recovery)
Venturi pump
Check valves

I run a sleeved 4x48 material column, a 50lb solvent tank (USA labs, non jacketed, no coil) and a 10x24 collection (non jacketed)

Material columns sleeve is filled with dry ice iso slurry

Solvent is injected through coil in dry ice iso slurry ( I don’t put solvent tank in slurry until recovery)

I put my collection on plain dry ice to help with vapor lock ( only about 6” deep)

During recovery (actually 20 minutes before) I put my solvent tank in a barrel with dry ice iso slurry.

condensing coils are in dry ice iso slurry

I am currently using between 80-120lbs of dry ice per run. 80 for a single run and 120 if I run 2 or three in a row.

I pressurize my solvent tank to 20-30 psi for Injection and then up to 90psi directly to the top of the column once the solvent tank is empty (i don’t do a soak). If I am having any flow issues initially, I usually just pull vacuum on the collection and that will get things dropping.

During recovery I let my pressure build between 20&50 and have my solvent tank at full vac.


This was my last run. Cured resin, trim and some fan leaves.



You should have no problem plowing through mayerial with that set up. I wouldnt try to go passive on that big of a set up unless tou have a huge chiller or dirt cheap dry ice and a worker who likes to haul it


I agree. A chiller to run that passive is going to cost more then that cmep6000.
Most people that run passive cap at 4x48. Ive seen 1 6x48 passive system

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What do you mean passive has a size capacity?

Do you realize on all industrial size platforms that pumps aren’t even used and the condensation of vapors is all done with passive recovery.

Passive is more expensive, up front, but pumps are physically not capable of cycling faster than vapor can flow.

I have a potential client that is going to be running a mega beest, which should be 6-8 6x48 frozen columns