What type of tubing should I use for hot condenser tech?


I’ve tried PTFE tubing and viton tubing. Both are rated for ocer 200c but both have failed me in different ways. With the PTFE I have to use chemglass high temp gl 18s and they always start to leak after a while. I have the Beaker and wrench high temp gl 18s but I can’t get them to seal with hard PTFE tubing. So I decided to try viton because some people recommend it… it fits on my high temp gl 18s from beaker and wrench but it melted 2 times in 1 run at 155c (its rated for way over this)

Anyone have any suggestions?

Second time today lol

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I use viton tubing feoma bio diesel se companies ( not sure if that makes a difference). But becareful with regular hose clamps, they have rough edges on the inside, i use radiator clamps or i just stick my viton right over my glass gl connectors and have never had a problem even up to 190c. But radiator clamps work best if you dont want to just shobe them over the glass. I also dont have my circulation valve open all the way

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I feel like it’s the barb cutting the hose, I’m going to try flourosilicone tubing from McMaster car and see if thatll work. This viton is from extractor depot youd think they could get it right

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Try the radiator clamps or some call them compression clamps. Ive had a few xlose calls with regular gose clamps when going that hot, unless you deburr them. Run your finger on the inside all the slits have a sbarp edge thats what cause me ro find a better solution. And sticking the viton right over the glass is very snug and havent had a problem in dozens of runs. Since use lab equipment re sells the lanphan maybe he’d send tou some smaller hose that comes with rhe heaters

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I think I just need smaller sized barb fittings, this hose keeps splitting when I put it on



The auto store usually sells high temp tubing

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That radiator hose is not rated hot enough. I just got some new tubing myself, I’ll let you know in a bit how it goes


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