What to do with waste water from bubble hash washes

I am curious what people are doing with waste water from washing bubble hash? We recycle after washes when doable but have always just pumped ours down the drain or onto various plants outside the lab when finished. We have a California environmental inspection upcoming and although they havent had a problem with our processes on prior inspections I wonder if they could someday bring up issues with terpenes going down the drain. What are my fellow washers doing?

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We drink it, still plenty of flavor left over and its full of nice constituients, cannabinoids aint the only good part of the plant!




Some worthwhile reading through a few of the referenced posts in here:

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Sounds great.

The waste biomass makes excellent fertilizer. The water probably would too.

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Water extraction……you just need the know how…
Then when that is done, hydrothermal liquifaction of remaining biomass.


I would have thought it had plenty of terpenes? Aren’t some water soluble?
Regardless you could filter, centrifuge and distil it to recover all components (or figure out what is there).

How has your experience been with using the water for fertilizer? I have around 140L of bubble water left and im planning on using it for fertilizer on and outdoor field.

Also all the water has been stored in a warm room so it has some mold in it.

Let me know your opinion im happy to hear it!

Greetings from thailand

Honestly, I have only used the biomass as fertilizer, which works very well, so I am only guessing about the water. It may aid the composting process when added back to the waste biomass.

We wash a lot of material and usually go thru a couple hundred gallons water per day. Seems it’d be quite hard to drink or enema 100 plus gallons of water per wash day lol.

I hadn’t seen one of those threads yet, thank you @DapperDabMan. A membrane seems interesting to remove the volatile compounds from the water but then I would need to figure out how much permeate vs discharge there is and what to do with the concentrated discharge.

I agree @Autumn_Ridge_Hemp that spent biomass makes an excellent input for a compost pile. In my head it should have minerals available in the proportion already used by cannabis plant. I hadn’t thought about using the water back into the pile. Will try that on our next attempt.

@moronnabis I researched hydrothermal liquifaction. Some seriously high temps and pressures compared to anything else in our lab. What a cool process but I don’t think its possible at small scale.

It seems that I need to better quantify what exactly is in the spent wash water. Spoke with our lab and I should have terpene and cannabinoid analysis back sometime next week. Will update this once I get results.


@Exzaction :
Well If I can get permission to share some info…I’ll let you know.
Quite a bit is done with Parr reactors…get an old GC with a very good thermal controlled oven…drill a hole in top and slip Parr reactor in……at least you can experiment in static reactors.