what to do with this

I have a pyrex dish that was made to be live resin sugar but the SOP and equipment wasn’t sufficient enough. So i now have a reformed SOP as well as new oven and vacuum, but i would like to do something with this. Theres a bunch of small crystals lining the bottom and up the sides. Can i redissolve what i have? or should i just scrap it and decarb it for carts or something.

Absolutely you can save and reX. I’d suggest washing the formations you do have with super cold pentane over a filter, and using those to seed a super saturated mix of the remainder


sugar aside: either is was or it was not “live resin”.
did you extract fresh frozen material or not?

so what’s missing? “Sugar” is “small crystals”…

if you’ve evaporated off the terps, you’re not going to get them back
if you used cured material, it won’t have the terps (of a live resin) to begin with.

it was fresh frozen extracted using ethanol. I still have terps present it just wasnt the desired consistency.

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okay so i’ve never reX before so do i add the pentane to this dish and pour off into a filter? most of the ones that are on the side are stuck. Or do i scrape this into the filter and pour the pentane through the oil? sorry this is super noobish

I think your solvent choice is the issue.

removing the ethanol will also lose you a significant portion of your terpenes.

which will make your desired consistency harder to achieve.

although not impossible


i agree. ethanol isnt exactly the choice i would be using but i work for a facility so what they say goes. We do have an in house GC and the results for the terpenes from that was almost 3% still present after purging. We will be trying this again after Christmas with a modified SOP and to use up the rest of our fresh frozen, and since this is already for R&D purposes i figured if i could see the out come of a reX

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care to share the failed SOP?

and/or the intended mods?


I can’t share specifics but the main things that needed to be changed before i even gave it another try,

  1. the length of time i was allowed to leave it purging basically i couldnt leave it in the oven over nights so i was made to break vacuum to often.
  2. the oven we used would fluctuate in temperature and the pump wouldn’t pull a low enough vaccum to get the ppm below legal limits. So i talked them into investing in a new system and now i have a BVV 0.9cf oven with a 2 stage pump

i rewrote the entire SOP so im hoping that with my changes we have a bit more success lol

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