What strains are you currently hunting for a keeper?

Los of grow talk lately. Took on yet another venture, seed phenohunting for that keeper pheno to add to the demon collection.

So what do ya have in the works?

I have about 20 more private seed packs to pop and hunt thru.

Reno seeds (srenots)
Hyperglue blue magoo
Hyperglue astro dawg

Exotic genetics
Purple Lamborghini

Bruce banner 3
Sfv OG (san Fernando valley)
White dragon x blue dream


I have some seeds from Greenpoint I’m going to pop soon.

Western Grail
Pioneer Kush
and Space Gorilla

I have limited space, so I have to wait a few more weeks, but I’m excited to try something new.


We have 7 of the Gratus (Bright Moments x Ralph out of Body Experience Grateful Breath) from GageGreenGroup going. This is a pic from week 6 of flowering so we’ll see soon.

Here’s a pic of one of them.


Magoo! When I first started growing she was one of the best strains ok yield purple af stinky sweet . I’ve just popped some jet fuel og xxx dosido cross with some jungle mac.


Any relation to Blue Magoo? If so, some of the loudest terps I’ve smelled in years


I’m hoping for a super elite keeper from the hyperglue blue magoo.

Time to harden them off now.


I popped three cheese dawg seeds a while ago. All males. But one was extra stinky, even very young.

I saved that one and I plan on crossing it with some of my keeper females to see what I get.


I wish I had the room to play with pheno’s.

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oooooo I love seeing pheno hunting threads!!!

Right now I’m getting to the end of my seed stock. I have a couple of keepers that I’ve been running for a few years, trying to get some new genetics around the end of the year though and start looking for some more.

I try to keep one pheno of every major type of terp profile, lemon, gas, skunk, OG flavors, etc. I grow for the terps!!

@Demontrich let us know how the exotic genetix beans go. I ran their cesar a couple of years back and only found 4 females out of the pack, 2 hermied around week 2 in flower so I only got to keep 2 of them. Very similar in terp profile, but they grow slightly different bud structures. Can’t decide which one to keep. I was kind of disappointed by the brand, but I did only try one pack so I would like to know how their other stuff goes.

Honestly I got some freebies with my last seed buy, and I got a 5 pack of (SFV OG x Chem 4 [mom]) x Primo Verde [dad] from Frost City Gardens, and that is probably my favorite thing going at the moment.

Don’t underestimate the freebies!!!


My 710 cheese was a freebie
Super keeper!

Aboit to pop 1 more of srenots seeds
Rotten mayo x hyperglue is next on deck


Rotten Mayo, I would buy that just for the name :rofl:


Man I have had zero luck with exotic gear. I’ve ran multiple pheno hunts from the Cube line, LBR 45, Guice, Blackberry Cream, Black Mamba, Cookies and Cream (they switched the male, I swear), and did a huge hunt of 4 Kings. Nothing, and I never cracked less than 24 beans. It also seems like for whatever reason, leaf variegation happens an awful lot with their lines.

I’m so tired of regs, Ethos has that weird feminization process with GA3 that I like a lot. People are getting a lot of herms, but I find herms in everyone’s gear. Just clone everything once before flowering out a round and you’ll cut down on 50% of that BS. I’m hunting Banana MAC right now and some secret Miracle Cookie x Hash Plant cross that I got from Cap. Finding some really good stuff right now in a Punch backcross with Mandarin Cookies by Ethos. Everything in that whole mandarin line has been very good to me, and the clones root twice as fast as anything I’ve ever kept.


good to hear it isn’t just me. There are so many fanboys out there I thought I just got a bad batch. I had so many males out of that pack lol. It seems a lot of the new strains are junk… People are just crossing whatever with whatever and throwing it out there with some fancy marketing. We really have to sift through the bullshit to find the legit breeders actually stabilizing traits vs just throwing out new crosses every month with no testing.

The 2 I have kept are really nice from a terp profile perspective, but the plant itself grows poorly, doesn’t yield well, and takes 11 weeks to finish. Not really a forever keeper by any means, but I’ll enjoy the terps while it’s here. Like I mentioned earlier, I have freebies that outperform the exotic gear by a mile… Hell, I’ve had bagseed that performs better :rofl:

I’ve been eyeing up Etho’s gear for a while now. Good to hear you’re having good experiences there.

Where can we find this 710 Cheese!? :poop:

Shoot mena dm


Currently looking for an old school good snow cap cut. Snow cap used to be the most resistant highest yielding strain there was until it got lost in the mix. Now most of the snow cap I see has none of the old traits and is mostly snow crap.

ive been hunting chem for years anyone with chem/sour elites please send DM

I got 91 and D looking for Corey and anything really gassy


Rez Dog was a pollen chucker - but he had access to the elites when others didn’t. Threw pollen against the fan but what it hit was gold. Dude was a piece but the gear was solid in the beginning…not so much at the end. Chem DD & ECSD would penetrate through brick walls & scream to anyone “listening” hey over here Ma!!!

Snow cap?? Not sure but Snow bud from Snow Goose late 80’s sick - growing Aero back then for the world to see but not many knew the results that were driven by softball sized trich covered mugs!!!


I have ecsd as well. Oh, and fire OG.


Oh the fire…who was the original that let the fire alien free? Raskal?