What’s your opinion on using this type of anhydrous ethanol

Had a buddy ask me if he could use this alcohol and I didn’t really have an opinion as the info he provided me didn’t tell me much. What do y’all think??

I thought once this would work well for flash, looked up all the booking points once, ended up just using MeOH- they put you on the ATF list for it tho

What application is he using it for?

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its USP, USP is USP (nice high standard, perfect for what we do) so if the supplier is legit, send it. USP is actually a bit overkill for most cannabis applications anyway

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It is usp? I couldn’t find a grade rating on the pearl work anywhere. Where does it say usp?

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that’s all I see.

You have SDA 40B, try looking at SDA 3A, thats 95% ethanol, 5% methanol, no other impurities. Here is a data sheet for SDA 3A

You need an SDA license to buy those

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Please do correct me if I’m wrong, denatured alcohols are available without license as said in paragraph 4.

It does read 4L requires no permit, over 4L requires a ‘letterhead application’ must be on file with ttb.

I was honestly just assuming based on the fact that the CoA shows a bunch of passing USP methods.

What are acceptable limits for methanol and acetone etc?

Heptane denatured alcohol and those other denatured alcohols Arnt food grade are they? I never really thought about that. Definitely interesting we don’t have to use food grade alcohol.

I only use food grade 200 proof just cause that’s slightly sketchy. But I know people who use denatured alcohol don’t have any problems

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ah i misread part of this - it fails USP spec.
the limits are in the specification column - NMT meaning no more than

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Depends on the SDA. 40b requires a license

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I would think denatured alcohol would be ok for those distilling there final product but those who are
not I would use either the food grade you mention (massive tax) or isopropyl alcohol if
the procedure would allow for it.

“All other impurities” scares the hell outta me. What are they? Carcinogens? Toxic?

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Ah yeah that’s what I meant was ttb not atf lol and yeah the permit not a list

I suggest using Denatured Ethanol SDA 3A ACS Reagent. The SDA 3A definition is 95% ethanol, 5% methanol - MOONSHINE!!! You could pass this through a distiller just like a moonshiner, throw out the fore-shots and you have ethanol! ACS stands for “American Chemical Society”, Reagent means its certified for purity for lab use. Don’t use the techical grade or industrial grade, those could have contaminates and are shipped in metal drums. ACS Reagent normally comes in a poly drum for purity…

Requirements for SDA users and dealers. CDA (completely denatured alc) doesn’t require a permit.

dont forget the bitrex.

not much you can do about it ive tried a million things.

can get most of it out but some how that taste is still there.